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Lee, Tae-Sang "Ted" (Korea/China/England/NY)

     Articles on Cosmos Cantata: A Seeker's Cosmic Journey appear in the English edition of The Korea Times and the Korean Version of The Korea Times.  This is Lee's first book published in English. He was born in North Korea, and grew up in South Korea during the Korean War. Ever mindful of the Cosmos, Lee followed his life's road and it took him to Europe, the Orient, and the United States. When he is not writing, (a simultaneous Korean book, Arainbow, was just published), he is the Korean translator for the New York City Court.


Leffler, Maxine

     Maxine Leffler has always had a thirst for knowledge. A wife, mother and helpmate to her life-long husband, she always found a way to study, to think, and to find the humor in life. When her husband died, she was utterly lost, and thinking other widows must feel the same way, she wrote Suddenly Single: Don't Be a Wimpy Widow Like Me. She invited others to add their thoughts, and the book is filled with information and suggestions about surviving the loss of a loved one. One reader suggested it should be given to every married couple.


Lawler, Vinita Atmiyanandana (IL/Thailand)    

     Vinita Atmiyanandana Lawler was born, raised and educated in Thailand. When she married and migrated to America, she missed the food of her native country. She started a series of popular Thai cooking classes. Tantalizing Thai Cuisine is based on both traditional and modern dishes. Lawler's personal notes and list of ingredients enhance this unusual Thai cookbook. It was favorably reviewed on WBBM, Chicago, and various magazines.

Lippmann, Wilfried G. (WA/Germany/Austria)
     Wilfried G. Lippmann placed second in Mayhaven's Awards for Fiction with Love Matters when the first-place winner published elsewhere. A year later, he entered again under a pen name and won first place with Vienna Kisses.  He also  placed third, again using a pen name, in Mayhaven's Award for Children's Fiction. Vienna Kisses takes a unique approach to a serious topic, the often forgotten civilian casualties of war. He even manages to make us laugh in the face of adversity.  Lippmann was born in Germany, and educated in Vienna. Lippmann's books are available as Ebooks on Kindle.


Long, Jo (IL/CA/IN/TN)
     Council of Angels is Jo Long's only published work. An autobiography, Long speaks of her inspired "writings" she received for a number of years. She grew up on a farm in central Illinois. In 1943 she took the train to California where she married her war-time sweetheart, Charles Long. (They would be married over fifty-seven years). When her husband shipped overseas, Long returned to Illinois and while caring for her children, worked as a buyer, a secretary, and ran a direct-sales business. At the age of 70, she was certified as a massage therapist. Her interest in writing was stimulated by unexpected, life-altering events. Her style, reflecting her personality, is beguiling.


Long, Charles "Huey" (IN/IL)
     The late Charles Long relates hunting and fishing stories in Coon Tales & Cockle Burs, but his writings spanned a lifetime. He served in World War II, was a teacher, principal, and a gentle man with a wry humor, which he used to advantage in every line he wrote.


Lund, Evelyn (MN/CA)
     Evelyn Lund spent most of her life as an artist, and drew from memories of her son, and the influences of her home in beautiful Santa Barbara to write and illustrate a children's book, It Happened on Alphabet Street. Born and raised in the midwest, she maintains strong ties to her northern European relatives. She moved to California as a young woman to help her husband in his office supply business. She pursued her love of art, painting and sculpting. Her letters are works of art, reflecting her current mood with clever little drawings.


Lynn, Marjorie Heaton (IA/TN)

     Marjorie Heaton Lynn traced seven generations of her family from England to Iowa through journals, letters, documents and stories in two volumes: Dear Family and a second volume, Sugar From Lettuce. Highly educated, her grandfather was in the Iowa State Legislature, her other grandfather was a successful inventor and manufacturer (washing machines and travel trailers), and her father was both an educator and a horticulturist, developing a number of prize-winning gladiolas that were honored at the Chicago World's Fair. Lynn spent her life teaching and speaking on educating the creative child. In both volumes, Lynn holds nothing back, presenting a candid portrait of her family and the times in which they lived.


Marquess, Dana (DE/MD)

     Dana Marquess' children's book (illustrated by Jean Spencer) is a tribute to her brother. Night of the Lighted Freedom: A Firefly Fantasy is just that, and is meant to leave the reader with a few questions. This is a first published work for the author who resides with her family in Maryland. Night of the Lighted Freedom is also an audio book.


McAndrew, Kelly (CA/MO/NY)

     McAndrew co-authored the engaging I Can't Talk Now, I'm Busy Writing Nothing, winner of Mayhaven's Award for Children's Fiction. She and Fluharty entered the contest at the 11th hour.  An actress, she has performed in theater from coast to coast.


McBride, Susan (CT/IL/IN/KS/MO/TX)
     Susan McBride was the first winner of Mayhaven's Award for Fiction with her mystery And Then She Was Gone, now in its second edition/printing. Mayhaven also published her second book, Overkill. McBride has additional titles published by Avon Books.


McKnight, Roger (MN/IL/Sweden)

     Out of the Ashes is a first novel for author Roger McKnight. This is a uncommon novel—a love story—played out through four tumultuous decades, altering with the times, and impacting those who traveled close to the hearts of the obsession. McKnight has published extensively on Swedish novelist Vilhelm Moberg and on Swedish culture. He has also written short fiction about small town Illinois and his creative nonfiction book, Severed Ties and Silenced Voices (Nordic Studies Press), is set in rural Minnesota and Wisconsin. McKnight grew up in southern Illinois, rooting for the Brooklyn Dodgers, learning the lore of Little Egypt, and admiring the adults of his youth who supported Labor Unions and the embattled coal miners and railroaders. After graduating from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, he became a high school teacher in suburban Chicago before receiving a Fulbright grant in 1965 to work for the Swedish Board of Education in Stockholm. While there, he studied Scandinavian literature, and observed Sweden’s parliamentary democracy and Swedish society’s championing of Human Rights. He also taught in Sweden and in Puerto Rico. Earning a Ph.D at the University of Minnesota, he settled down in his adopted state and became a professor of Scandinavian Studies at Gustavus Adolphus College.


McLeod, Gilbert "G" (OH/CA)

     G. McLeod spent most of his adult life as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department. A large family (ten grown children) may have inspired his curiosity about the "why" of things. McLeod drew on his experience to write the science fiction, fantasy adventure, Ho-Nikon. First Edition Sold Out.


Melland-Kuo, Rebecca (ND/NC)

     Sitka's Mirror: A Journey to World War II, a novel for young-adultsis Melland-Kuo's first published work. Set in North Dakota and Alaska during the early 1940's, this deftly-written story, based on the real adventures of the author's grandfather, is a memorable treat.


Miller, Ron (AL)

      Ron Miller won Mayhaven's Award for Fiction for A Broken Reed, a novel of suspense set in Alabama during the 1950's. Born and raised in Alabama, he served in the Air Force before graduating with a B.S. in English and History and M.S. in History from Jacksonville State University. He also earned an Education Specialist degree in Administration and Supervision. He has several hobbies including collecting and restoring antique and classic bicycles. He has won many bicycle show awards in the south and midwest. He has published additional books, and his latest novel, Jamback Road is now available.


Moore, Basil Ward (IL)

     Basil Ward Moore was a funeral director in the picturesque town of Marshall, Illinois, best known for its association with Lincoln and with the novelist, James Jones. Moore was best known, though, for the 40 years he spent entertaining audiences across the country with his masterful presentations on the humor of Abraham Lincoln. Moore was known for his wit and his timing, always speaking without a note. Basil Moore's Lincoln is based on those presentations. First Edition Sold Out. 


Nolting, Anne Carse (AK/VT/India)

     Anne Carse Nolting won Mayhaven's Award for Children's Fiction with Pythagoras Eagle & The Music of the Spheres, and critics have consistently given it 5 Stars.  An adventure for older children and young adults, this book, set in present-day Alaska, is about family, friends and the mystery of mathematics. Nolting has been fascinated by diversity in cultures for most of her life. She has studied and lived in Israel and Ireland, and has worked in a health clinic at a mission in Indore, India. She has also authored Dear Future People (Royal Fireworks Press), nominated for the 1996 Newbery Award, and published Place Beyond the Wind (Royal Fireworks Press). She has written for several periodicals, and an adult novel, Rysaland. 


Odell, Mike (IL/PA)

     Mike Odell is best known for his articles about racing cars and classic cars (including Victory Lane Magazine, Vintage and Historic Racing News, and Road Racers Magazine). He graduated from the University of Illinois with an MBA and retired after a 35-year career as an IT professional. He has contributed articles to professional publications and references.  His wife, Cindy, provided illustrations for Brother Mine, Odell's first book, also available in audio book.


Paulits, John (NY)

     John Paulits won Mayhaven's Award for Fiction for his lively chapter book for young readers, Philip & The Boy Who Said "Huh?" He lives with his family in New York where he teaches fourth grade. He summers near the ocean. First printing sold out. In its second printing, and available on Kindle ebooks.


Pearson, Lance (WA/AZ/IL/VA)   

     Lance Pearson spent a lifetime in manufacturing before turning his hand to writing. Mayhaven published A Byte of Charity, a mystery based on a computer hacker's revenge, set in the Virginia horse country. Accomplished at sailing and photography, he lived, for many years, 1100 yards from where John Rolfe met Pocahontas. 


Petersen, Pauline (IL)

     The premier of Pauline Petersen's Christmas Bear's Wish premiered as an Ebook. The idea was a long time in the making. Insprired by her three grandchildren, the author put her imagination to work and created this first first children's book. This delightful illustrations were created by Maine artist Dawn Peterson.


Peterson, Dawn (ME, NY)

     Dawn Peterson studied with world-class painters and has become sought after by book publishsers and marketing gurus. She has created lovely illustrations for two books published by Mayhaven: Christmas Bear's Wish, by Pauline Petersen, and Helen, Ethel, And the Crazy Quilt, by Nancy Orr Johnson Jensen. The artist creates her works from her Maine studio.


Pilles, Mark C. (FL/GA)    

Written for young adults, Deadly Danger: Mystery and Suspense on Santa Rosa Island is a first book by the author. Set in Pennsicola Beach, FL, and at the National Seashore, this book is filled with the historic figure of Geronimo (a Native American held prisoner at Ft. Pickens), hurricanes, and smugglers.


Poe-Pape, Sheri (IL)

     Cassie's Marvelous Music Lessons, an illustrated book for children, is the author's first publication and won Honorable Mention in the Midwest Publisher's Award Show. A music and voice teacher for over thirty years, Poe-Pape draws on her experience and a small dog that loved to sit beside her while she practiced and taught. The characters in this book, Cassie and Mrs. Applebaum, maintain their differences in a most delightful way.


Porter, Brian Harvey (IL/SC/TN/CA)

     Harvey's Life: Now What? was a first book by the author. The short stories and essays were based on his experience, observations, and imagination. They often strike a chord with those who find life full of humor, but also full of darkness. Harvey's Life: Now What? is also available as an audio book read by the author. He is also the reader on A Family Possessed audio book. Harvey's Life is available as an Ebook. 


Porter, Cullen (IL/CA)
     Cullen Porter is a an educator and graphic designer. Grandpa Grumpy Pants, a children's book (illustrated by Jean Spencer) is his first book and audio book. He has also contributed illustrations to several Mayhaven books, and the cover of Tae-Sang Lee's Cosmos Cantata is a photograph by Porter. He lives with his wife and children in central Illinois. Grandpa Grumpy Pants is also available as an Ebook.


Porter, Todd (IL/CA/TX/NV)

     Todd Porter has had a creative life. Growing up in the Chicago suburbs and spending summers in downstate Illinois, his first children's book, Firefly Fred, reflects his creative nature. Porter has spent most of his life in the computer industry, designing games and creating software. Firefly Fred (illustrated by Brian Patenaude) received the Texas School Libraries highest rating. The audio book is read by the daughter who inspired the story.


Powell, Wilson "Woody" (CA/MO)

     Though Wilson served in Korea, he has spent a lifetime questioning war. When he met Zhou Ming Fu, a Chinese Korean War Veteran in China, during the early 1980's, the two began corresponding, forging a lifetime friendship. Two Walk the Golden Road, co-authored with Zhou, is based on that correspondence. Powell has been an active member of the Veterans for Peace. This is also available as an Ebook.


Purnell, Isabelle (IL/MI)

     Isabelle Purnell spent all but four years of her life in one midwestern town. She wrote about her observations and experiences of that town in An Unofficial History of Mahomet, Illinois. First Edition Sold Out.


Rademacher, Helen (IL)

     Helen not only wrote her essays and poems in Collage (the cover art was created by her mother), but she recorded her writings and we cannot imagine anyone reading them any better. She had a gift for performance not realized until late in life. When she read an event, other poets would often gather to hear her work, often humorous, but always with a grounding in reality. Her work is also availalbe as an audio book and as an Ebook. She wrote about what she observed, and the result was clean, swift and to the point.


Rackley, Virginia Ruth Waggoner (AR/MI/IL)

     Virginia Rackley was born in central Illinois, the third child of 12 and the eldest daughter. She learned early that an industrious nature and a cheerful outlook were essential to her survival. At the age of fifteen, she watched her family shatter, and in 1942 she was suddenly separated from her siblings. She would work to reconnect with her family, and succeeded. In 1997, she co-authored Ten Sisters: A True Story and Ten Little SistersSee Alford for additional information. Ten Sisters is also available as an Ebook.


Rausenberger, Mark (VA/IA)

     Mark Rausenberger served in "the Mogue" and kept a journal on his experience. That journal became a book. A Somalia Journal relays the dangerous and frustrating experience of war. He was recommended for the Combat Medical Badge and an Army Commendation medal by this unit. Available as ebook on Kindle. Also available as an Ebook

Righthouse, Christine (IN)
     Christine Righthouse did not set out to be a writer, but when her young daughter was murdered in their home on one cold January morning, Righthouse began writing a journal to give voice to her grief. She later authored Lena: Murder in Southern Indiana based on that journal, newspaper articles and court documents. Cosmopolitan magazine featured an article on Lena, from her sister's perspective. First Edition Sold Out.


Royer, Warren (IL/FL/MI/IA)

     Warren Royer wrote Memories of the Heart: Rural Schools in Illinois based on his childhood memories. After serving in the Air Force during World War II, and after graduating with a B.A and an M.A. from the University of Illinois, he worked in television, wrote sports for the Champaign News Gazette, and wrote advertising copy, but most of his life was spent as a teacher, coach and principal. Retired, he published Peepstones, Beartracks and Ghosts of Dutchmen's Creek.  Note: Royer's father, at ninety, painted the cover art for Memories of the Heart.


Russo, Michael (LA/WI)

     Michael Russo's satire, Yats in Movieland, is a wildly comic treatment of eclectic characters and the movie industry in pre-Katrina New Orleans. A number of his short stories have been published in magazines, and he once worked as a book reviewer at the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Yats in Movieland is his first novel. Also available as an Ebook


Rutherford, Delorse Hackett (IL/IA)
     Delorse Hackett Rutherford survived breast cancer, and it wasn't easy. A positive, active woman, she drew on her faith to help her through the experience and wrote about her experience in To Send A Dove. She has taught writing, spoken before many organizations, including Gilda's club, and received Third place-Iowa State Competition of NLAPW and Third place-Moline Dispatch Readers Choice "Best Book" Category. She is a member of the National League of American Penwomen and a contributor to Together At the Doorway, an anthology of personal essays and poetry. She has also written for a number of magazines and newspapers. 


Schlundt, Gordon Dean (IL)

     Though Gordon Schlundt spent much of his life in retail, he has also spent much time writing poems and stories. He also likes to bowl, and Fridays With the Keglers combined those experiences, presenting a half dozen retirees who find life at a bowling alley provides a lot of living. 


Scott, Lorraine Fetter (MI)

    The delightful Peter Paints a Pickle is Scott's first book for children (illustrated by Jean Spencer). It is all about pickles, bugs and compromise.


Shick, Nancy Easter (IL)

     Nancy Easter Shick's Long Story Short is filled with finely etched stories she has observed. Shick has also published two other non-fiction books based on the history of Charleston, Illinois. First Edition Sold Out. Also available as an Ebook.


Smith, James Allen (IL/Korea/GA/MO)

     Smith wrote Searching for Footsteps to the Past: Surface Finds on the Kaskaskia River, based on Native American artifacts he collected on his father's rolling farm along the Kaskaskia. A bricklayer, collecting artifacts became his passion after a car accident left him with permanent injuries. First Edition in Limited Supply.

     James Smith (1941-2016) passed away on June 18, 2016. He was a treasured part of the Mayhaven family and will be missed.


Stanley, Phyllis (CA)

     Phyllis Stanley, a teacher by profession, had the pleasure of knowing Elizabeth Terwilliger and chose to write a book for young readers about the famous naturalist's life and work—Elizabeth Terwilliger: Someone Special. Stanley also authored American Environmental Heroes, a book profiling such pioneers as Henry D. Thoreau, John Muir, and Francs Moore Lappe.


Stevenson, L.W. (IL)

     L.W. Stevenson based his chilling ghost story, A Family Possessed, on reported events. Stevenson spent many years writing articles for magazines and newspapers and published two other books, Notes from a Briefcase and The Secret Place. A Family Possessed is in its third printing and is also an audio book, read by Brian Porter.


Stonesifer, Gertrude (IL/TN)

     Gertrude Stonesifer didn't start writing until she was in her mid-eighties. Always an adventurous woman, she married late, had a child late, ran a newspaper when her young husband suddenly died, taught for many years, and traveled by tramp steamer to South America during the 1930's. She wrote three children's stories for Mayhaven: The Peanut Butter Kid; The Monarch, The Snow Goose & the Butterfly Tree; and Then & Now Stories. She also wrote Sister & Me, a small, candid autobiography written for parents and older children.


Swango, Lynn (IL)

     Swango grew up in a small Illinois farm town, with a single mother. He became a teacher and a sports announcer, familiar to central Illinois students and audiences. No Baseball in Fairview is a children's book inspired by his own upbringing and his interest in sports. He continues to write and is a frequent speaker for grade-school children. No Baseball in Fairview is also available as an audio book (read by the author).


Swartz, Neva (IL)   

     Neva Swartz is a first-time author with Tommy the Timid Turtle. She drew on her experiences as a teacher to create a book for shy children. Tommy the Timid Turtle has been favorably reviewed by the Texas School Libraries, and is available in audio book (read by the author).


Temple, Sunderine (Wilson) (IL)
     Sunderine (Wilson) Temple co-authored the revised edition of Abraham Lincoln and Illinois' Fifth Capitol with her historian husband, Wayne C. Temple. As a guide at Illinois' Fifth Capitol, she bought her considerable experience and knowledge to this work.


Temple, Dr. Wayne C. (OH/Germany/TN/IL)

     Wayne C. Temple is a world-class historian and Chief Deputy Director of the Illinois Archives. He was named to the U.S. Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission's Advisory Committee to mark the 200th Anniversary of Lincoln's birth on February 12, 2009. Temple is a prolific writer of articles and books, and Mayhaven has had the privilege of publishing: Abraham Lincoln: From Skeptic to Prophet (now in 3rd Edition); By Square & Compass: Saga of the Lincoln Home (2nd Edition); "The Taste Is In My Mouth A Little...", which includes the entire text of the 1843 edition of Miss Leslie's Cookbook known to have been used in the Lincoln household; and Lincoln's Travels on the River Queen During the Last Days of His Life (also in audio book, read by the author).  One of Temple's articles also appears in The Many Faces of Lincoln, also published by Mayhaven. We also distribute two of his other publications, both collector's items: Alexander Williamson, Friend of the Lincolns; and Abraham Lincoln and Others at the St. Nicholas. Temple has held many positions, including: Curator Ethnohistory (Illinois State Museum), Editor-in-Chief of the Lincoln Herald, Secretary-Treasurer of the National Lincoln-Civil War Council, Memorial Bibliography committee (Lincoln Lore), Editorial Advisory Board (American Biographical Institute), Board of Governors (St. Louis Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children), and Trustee Regent (Lincoln Academy). He has addressed the Congress of the United States and has received many awards and honors during his lifetime. He is a life fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and many other prestigious organizations. Temple served under Eisenhower in Europe during World War II. He received a B.S. in Engineering, and an M.A. and a PhD. in history from the University of Illinois, where he was a research assistant to Prof. J.G. Randall, "Dean of the Lincoln Scholars." He then earned his A.M. and Ph.D degrees under the direction of Prof. Randall and Prof. Richard N. Current. He has been a repeated guest on the History Channel. 


Thomas, Lewis (AL/CO)

     Lewis Thomas won Mayhaven's Award for Fiction for his novel Potter Junction. Thomas was born in Vredenburgh, Alabama, a small lumbering town south of historic Selma. An attack of infantile paralysis (polio) left him partially paralyzed. His impairment did not slow him down. He received an engineering degree, helped build airplanes at Douglas Aircraft Company during WWII, then became a cub reporter for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver. During the next 20 years, he worked as a writer for two metropolitan newspapers, two TV stations, and as a college publicist. During that time, he also earned a Masters and a PhD in speech semantics. While in California, he taught college English and worked at the San Jose Mercury-News. Seeing Mayhaven's logo, he crafted a stained-glass window of the logo, which is prominently displayed.


Thomas, Richard L. "Dick" (IL/AZ)

    Richard L. Thomas wrote both Chicken Tommy & Other Stories and Broomcorn Johnnies. He was employed as a telegrapher by the Illinois Central Railroad. Later, he worked at other jobs, including writing for an Arizona newspaper. He said his "heart remains in Humboldt, but the rest of him has lived, with his wife Ruth, in Arizona since 1953."


Thomas, Ruth St. John (IL/AZ)
      Ruth St. John Thomas draws on her own roots for The Rawleigh Man Told Me, a coming-of-age novel for older children and young adults, centered around the Orphan Trains, and his new family. This was a favorite book of the publisher's mother who called early one morning to say she had sat up most of the night reading it. The softcover edition has been sold out. Hardcover edition is in limited supply. It is also available as ebook on Kindle. Also see additional books by the author.


Tipton, R. Kent (UT/CA)
     R. Kent Tipton is an ambitious man. He won Mayhaven's Award for Fiction with Kid Posse & the Phantom Robber, an adventure for young readers set in Utah in the 1950s. The story was inspired by a real posse (his grandfather was a member of that group) who chased down some bank robbers in the late 1800s.  This is not Tipton's first publication, nor his last. A teacher in Jamestown, California, his first book was A Different Kind of Mom, based on the life of his mother, Blanche Prior Tipton, and In Quotes We Trust, co-authored with his wife, Lois Tipton.


Van Damm, Margaret Hay (TN/VA/NM)   

     Margaret Hay Van Damm grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, where her father, George Hay, founded the Grand Ol' Opry. Van Damm attended Vanderbuilt University and wrote for The Tennessean before she turned her attention to writing novels and dramatic presentations. The River Love is her first novel for Mayhaven. Set in contemporary Mississippi, two mature sisters follow their hearts in pursuit of love. River Love Audio Book read by the author.


Watkins, Gwendolyn (IL/MO/MN)
     Desfile de Navidad y Mas (Christmas on Parade and More) is a collection of Watkin's poems, based on her life and her passions. She grew up in the midwest and after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, she worked for a number of years as a technician at Mayo Clinic, but writing was always in her blood. She has traveled extensively, but makes her home in central Illinois. Her second book for Mayhaven, Fantastic Flights to Fantasy Forest is for children. 


Weaver, Jenny (AK/WA)
     Jenny Weaver received Mayhaven's Award for Children's Fiction with Following the Raven, a story of secrets and adventure set in Alaska. Weaver was born in San Francisco, but grew up in Anchorage, where she enjoyed hiking, skiing and fishing. She was also a guide for the Alaskan Rail Road. Weaver graduated from the University of Oregon (English) and worked with the Scholastic Book Fairs. Following the Raven is her first published work. ​


Weltman, June (FL/IL/Washington, D.C.)

     June Weltman's first novel for children, Mystery of the Missing Candlestick, won Mayhaven's Award for Children's Fiction. It also received the Florida Historical Society's Journeys for the Junior Historian Award for Children's Literature, Best Young Adult Fiction Award from the Florida Publishers Association, and First Place for Juvenile Fiction in the 2005 National Federation of Press Women At-Large Communications Contest. The book also won Honorable Mention in the NFPW National Communications Contest. Born in Chicago, Weltman graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and earned a master's from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. She began her career as a reporter with the Chicago Tribune and later covered Congress and the State Department as a foreign affairs writer. Her articles have been published in newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and have won national and state awards from the National Federation of Press Women, Florida Press Women, Capital Press Women and the Florida Freelance Writers Assn. She lives in Jacksonville, FL, where she has worked as a reporter for the Mandarin News & St. Johns River Pilot and as a freelance writer for the Jacksonville Business Journal, Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville Magazine and other publications. She currently is writing another mystery for young people. Her e-mail address:


Wenzel, Doris Waggoner Replogle Porter (IL)

     Founder and editor of Mayhaven Publishing, Inc., Wenzel co-authored Ten Sisters: A True Story and Ten Little Sisters. Born and raised in central Illinois, Wenzel spent over twenty years in Glen Ellyn, IL, attending and then teaching at the College of DuPage and writing for newspapers and magazines. She also attended Northwestern University and received an M.S. from Illinois State University. She received a number of academic awards, including The Richter Fellowship and the Lincoln Academy Award, both for researching and writing a play, Without Discretion, based on the life of Mary Todd Lincoln. It was performed at North Central College, and later as a stage reading at the Chicago Playhouse Center. Her research has been used in other plays, novels, and nonfiction works. Before founding Mayhaven Publishing in 1990, Wenzel taught at the University of Illinois. From 1997 to 2007, she offered Mayhaven's Awards for Fiction—two of the winners went on to publish with major houses. Along with editing and publishing all of Mayhaven's books, Wenzel has also provided the illustrations for several books, most recently Sheri Poe-Pape's Cassie's Marvelous Music Lessons. See Alford for additional information on Ten Sisters.

White, Herman H. (KY/OH)
     Herman H. White's first novel, Valley of the Flames, was inspired by his work as a fireman. He also drew on his Kentucky roots for this outstanding adventure for young adults. See other books by the author.


Wise, Leonard Allen (Canada)
     Leonard Allen Wise co-authored Are We Hungry Yet? with fellow Canadian, John Chism, but his resume is varied. An actor, attorney, and a writer for newspapers and television, he has published other books on food, including two editions of Toronto Eats (1981 and 1996). He also wrote a column on food for the Toronto Star.


Young, Jessie Johnson (IL)

     Jessie Johnson Young was widowed early in life. Undaunted by fate, she worked hard to raise her son, and found time to write poetry and short stories. She published several poems before she put together Young at Heart and her newest book And Still...Young at Heart.

Zhou, Ming Fu (China/Korea)
     Zhou Ming Fu co-authored Two Walk the Golden Road with Wilson Powell. Though they lived on opposite sides of the world, their views on family, friendship and war are completely compatible. Their letters and journals are the basis for this extraordinary book. Both are candid about their personal and public lives.


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