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Upcoming Events with Author Dan Guillory

Sept. 5—Reading with Taylor Pensonneau, Books on the Square, Springfield, IL, 6:30 PM (SEE FLYER BELOW)

Sept. 12 /13?—“Cats and Cars,”  Primrose Retirement Comm., Decatur, IL,  1:00 PM—TENTATIVE

Sept. 14—“The Prairie,” Macon Co. Conserv. Dist., Prairie Farm Stage (if rain, in Nature Center), 2:00 PM

Oct. 12—“The Prairie,” Decatur Public Library, Madden Auditorium, Decatur, IL, 1:00 PM

Nov. 1—“Ten Books in Thirty Years,” Macon Co. History Museum, Decatur, IL, 1:30 PM

Mar. 21, 2020—“The Prairie,” Decatur Pub. Lib., Sponsored by Audubon Soc., Decatur, IL, 2:00 PM


Ten Sisters

One of Mayhaven's most popular books, Ten Sisters, has spun out into several other products. Along with the original book, it has been made into a children's illustrated book (Ten Little Sisters); an audio book, with each sister reading her chapter; an ebook, 2 PBS television productions, one receiving the Gracie Allen Award for Short Documentary, and a full-length docu-drama, (both on PBS). 


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