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The Prairie: Then & Now

Dan Guillory

Ilulstrated by Leslie Guillory

The first Caucasian visitors to the Prairie beheld a pristine landform where big blue stem grew to a height of ten feet, where prairie flowers bloomed in profusion. Beginning with vivid portraits of these pioneers, author Dan Guillory moves the reader into contemporary life with portraits of young lovers, farmers, Army veterans, and ordinary husbands and wives.

In language that is inventive, sometimes edgy, and always imaginative, he makes the Prairie and its people resonate with life.


Poetry and Stories  Softcover   $14.95   $6.00 S&H   ISBN 978 1939695666

A Sin A Week

Steven R. Shoemaker

Illustrated by T. Brian Kelly

 Fifty-two sins described in loving detail for folks with the

inclination and ability to do wrong, but who have run out of bad ideas.


"What a terrific book this is. The sins are much too clever to categorize,

and it will be a long study for many of us who endeavor to do our best at sinning

but mostly repeat the same boring depravities over and over.

 What fun it is to increase my library of evil with these subtle, often innocent-seeming peccadillos."

—Professor Jeanne Walker, University of Delaware 

Poetry   Softcover   $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H   ISBN 978 1939695796


A Sin A Week Audio Book

Steven R. Shoemaker

Read by the Author

CD $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H   ISBN 978 1939695833

Harvey's Life: Now What?

Brian H. Porter


Brian Porter's short stories are memorable. Some stories are

remarkably funny, some will chill you, and others are prophetic. Every story reflects his keen observations,

and all are based on his relationships and his demons. Brian's life was too brief, but

he lives through his wonderful family and his words.


Stories and Essays  -  Fantasy       Softcover    $12.95  -  $0.97 IL Tax  -  $5.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227859-0


Ebook Available On Amazon




Harvey's Life: Now What? Audio Book

Brian H. Porter

Read by the Author


*Porter is also the reader on the popular A Family Possessed Audio.
*Ed Walsh read Harvey's Life ton The Illinois Radio for the Visually Impaired.


CD   $14.98  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227865-1  (No charge S&H if purchased with book)

 The City: [un]poems, thoughts, rhymes, & miscellany

A.D. Carson


Carefully crafted poems, lyrics, and narratives mirror the realities of  the grit of the city.

A meditation on the sometimes grave circumstances faced by those living within a city's limits,

Carson also glimpses hope in places where it's most needed and seldom seen.


Carson is a writer, performer, and educator. He is presently completing a Doctorate at Clemsom.

His essay "Oedipus-Not-So-Complex: A Blueprint for Literary Education"

is a chapter in Jay-Z Essays on Hip Hop's Philosopher King, edited by Julius Bailey (McFarland and Co., Inc., 2011).

See our Fiction Catalog for Carson's first novel, COLD. Also see Carson's Audios: Cold, Cold 1&2, Cold World, and The City.


 Poetry  -  Prose  -  Lyrics       Softcover      $18.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 1932278910


Coon Tales & Cockle Burs

Charles "Huey" Long


Whether tromping through the midwestern woods, or fishing in the cool waters of northern lakes,

the author takes us on a journey of humor and insight.


Hunting & Fishing Stories


Short Stories  -  Hunting  -  Fishing      Softcover      $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804419-8


Tangled Tassels: Tales of Academe

Richard Eastman


Wry humor based on students, teachers and administrators. Dr. Danica Hubbard,

Associate Professor of English at the College of DuPage, listed Dr. Richard Eastman's

Tangled Tassels: Tales of Academe among the books she enjoys reading.

If you have ever attended college, taught at a college, held academic office, or have thought you know

what colleges and universities are all about, you will delight in this book.


Short Stories  -  Academia  -  Humor      Softcover    $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804427-3

Collage: Poems and Essays

Helen Rademacher


The author's wry wit and insightful musings bring many subjects into perspective. There is a surprise in every line.

The cover art is of a painting by her mother, Beryl Endicott Stewart.


Poetry  -  Essays  -  Humor     Softcover      $12.95  -  $0.97 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 193227867-5



Collage: Poems and Essays Audio Book

Helen Rademacher

Read by the Author


The Illinois Radio for the Visually Impaired featured the author's audio several times.

We can't imagine anyone reading her work better than she does.


CD      $12.95  -  $0.97 IL Tax  -  $5.00 S&H    ISBN 978 193227869-9

   Elated By Details

Winner Mayhaven Award for Fiction

Adam Freedman


Featured in Weston Magazine—twice!


"Elated By Details...pokes fun at the American obsession with reinventing ourselves."

  —The Citizen


"Freedman has a novelist's eye and a comedy writer's pace."

—Fareed Zakaria, author of The Future of Freedom


"...Freedman writes with a refreshing tartness, wry, witty, sharp, and effervescent.

These stories are like a gin and tonic on a summer afternoon."

—Rob Long, author of Conversations with My Agent


"Elated By a collection of small gems aimed squarely at folks who remember Woody Allen's

longer prose pieces from The New Yorker...Striking a balance between light-heartedness and 'serious'

storytelling, Freedman establishes himself firmly as a contemporary storyteller with an ability to bring characters to life.

Few contemporary short story writers have the skills (or ambitions) of Freedman,

    and one can only hope that a second collection will be forthcoming."



"Nonsensically brilliant...Adam Freedman is a witty and talented writer [who] looks at the world with a sardonic grin."

Blether Reviews


Short Stories   -  Satire  -  Humor       Hardcover     $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 187804499-0


​Note: Mayhaven is delighted to have published the first book for Freedman.   

Love Matters

Winner Mayhaven Award for Fiction

Wilfried G. Lippmann


Stories about love—many kinds of love.

The author, educated in Vienna, Austria, moved to America's west coast as a young man. His first novel,

Vienna Kisses, also won Mayhaven's Award for Fiction, though he used a pen name in submitting.

His fine style stood out on both occasions. These were also our first Ebooks.


Short Stories  -  Relationships  -  Love  -  Humor      Hardcover     $15.95  -  $1.20 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804488-5


Ebook Available On Amazon and Nook

Long Story Short

Nancy Easter Shick


When a father raises nine children alone, impressions are made. His story and others are included in

this first book of short stories published by Mayhaven, and the first fiction (based on fact) written by the author.


Short Stories  -  Poems  -  Relationships  -  History      Hardcover     $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804401-3


Note: First Edition Sold Out.


Ebook Available On Amazon


Tale of A Waggish Dog

Paul Bennett


Inspired by the author's much-loved, very engaging dog.


Short Stories  -  Dogs     Softcover     $12.95  -  $0.97 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 187804464-8


Ebook Available On Amazon



Fridays With The Keglers

Gordon Dean Schlundt


When several retired men get together, the discussions are not limited to bowling.

Down-to-earth philosophy from some interesting old duffers.

Short Stories  -  Bowling  -  Aging     Softcover   $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804497-6


 Gardens of the Streets: Poetry and Pictues of Urban Rescue Missions and the People They Serve

William Lewis Clark


Clark's writing was chosen for its excellence by the University of Chicago.


"I...find the content and the style of Clark's poetry both appealing and significant.

He has certainly touched the heart of the 'street'."

—Maurice Vanderberg, Exec. Dir. Emeritus, City Union Mission 


"The book is well written...Sally especially was moved by the depth of Clark's poetry."

—Authors Jim and Sally Conway


Poems  -  Prose  -  Homelessness      Softcover (Photos)     $12.95  -  $0.97 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 187804440-2


Note: The artist (Denny Rogers) reports that several successful businessmen posed for the cover illustration of Gardens of the Streets. 

Young at Heart: Poems & Stories

Jessie Johnson Young


These are very personal poems that reflect the author's tenacity, humor and appreciation of her world.

She wrote this book to celebrate her 94th birthday.

Her short stories are worthy of consideration for film or television production.


Poems  -  Stories      Softcover    $10.95  -  $0.82 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804485-3


Note: This book also includes the author's favorite poem, "Slow Dance," by an anonymous author.

And Still...Young at Heart

Jessie Johnson Young


The author wrote And Still...Young at Heart to celebrate her 96th birthday.

Her poems are sometimes inspirational, and sometimes full of irony or humor.

And they so represent the best in human nature.


Poetry  -  Short Stories       Softcove     $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISNB 978 193227821-7

The Lincoln Poems

Dan Guillory


This book is prominently displayed in the Lincoln Books Sculpture at the Ford Theater Center in Washington, D.C.

"...these poems can stand on their own...Lincoln's voice here will have its greatest effect

when it speaks of the smaller moments of a large and complex life...

Guillory's Lincoln draws simple but illuminating parallels to his and our greater preoccupations.

When the lines are distilled with some flavor of a Thoreau or a Dickinson readers may feel most rewarded..."

—Margaret Heilbrun, Library Journal


"Part history, part mythology, and all word music, The Lincoln Poems is Dan Guillory's

loving tribute to the nation's first and only poet President. Guillory channels Abraham Lincoln

through the ages and into the moment, breathing fire and wit and soul into his marbled memory.

The results are audacious and inspired. Read these poems. Read them aloud. Give voice to your own inner Lincoln."

—William Furry, Executive Director Illinois State Historical Society


"Lincoln retained a life-long interest in poetry and prose. Dan Guillory provides his own creative take, presenting a lyrical life of Lincoln through poems."

                                                                                      —Thomas F. Schwartz, Ph.D., Illinois State Historian


"The Lincoln Poems is a must-read for both the Lincoln aficionado and the serious scholar. Dan Guillory has captured an essential quality of Lincoln not easily found in prose writing: a unique sense of humanity. Lincoln possessed a poet's soul; proved through his own writings. Guillory's knowledge of Lincoln allows the reader to be transported through the poet's eyes; a view I am sure Lincoln himself would have approved."

—Kim Bauer, Director, Lincoln Heritage Project


Poems  -  Essays  -  Lincoln  -  History      Softcover   $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 193227853-8


Ebook Available On Amazon


The Lincoln Poems Audio Book

Dan Guillory

Read by the Author


CD       $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978193227854-5


Note: No S&H for CD if purchased with book.

Desfile de Navidad y Mas

Christmas on Parade and More

Gwendolyn Watkins


These are bold poems, full of experience, full of candor and thought and love.

Her poems reflect her life, and her life reflects a world shared by some and invisible to others.

She takes some risks, and drives her impressions home, without apology.


Poems  -  Relationships      Softcover (Photos)     $12.95  -  $0.97 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 193227813-2



I Don't Know Jack: Poems in Search of Reason

Roger Huisinga


Huisinga is his own man, with views as solid as the land beneath his feet.

He does not back off the tough questions, but writes with warmth and understanding

about the people he sees and the culture that has formed him.


Poems       Softcover     $12.95  -  $0.97 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227812-5




I Don't Know Jack Audio Book: Poems in Search of Reason

Roger Huisinga

Read by the Author


CD     $12.95  -  $0.97 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227816-3

Forty Acres of Thought: Poems From Around the Bend

Roger Huisinga


Poems       Softcover    $13.95  -  $1.08 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 193227822-4




Forty Acres of Thought: Poems From Around the Bend Audio Book

Roger Huisinga

Read by the Author


CD      $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN ISBN 978 193227832-3

Title. Double click me.

Little Candles

Margaret Hollingsworth Clem


The publisher's favorite poem from Little Candles begins: "I might explode someday—my mind's so full.

And if I did, what would they find, in the candles of my mind."

—Margaret Hollinsworth Clem


Poems  -  Stories        Softcover     $4.95  -  $0.37 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804445-7




David Selby


"We dream, we hope, we plan. Life may or may not go along with us. It sends people and events our way.

Some help, some hinder. Underneath it all, underneth the

seeming indifference of a sometimes cynical and unconcerned world,

a structure of love and support holds our world together.

Happenstance may be the direction we are led by adventures

and misadventures, but happenstance also brings us love and friendships

so strong that we can survive, and enjoy the trip."

—from Happenstance


Best known for his performances on televsion, stage and film, David Selby is an accomplished writer.

He portrayed Lincoln in the grand reopening of Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C.

Also see the Fiction Catalog for his novel, Lincoln's Better Angel.


Poems  -  Irony      Hardcover     $15.00  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 097012823-2


*Produced by Locust Grove and included in this catalog at the author's request.

My Mother's Autumn

David Selby


"David Selby is an admirable husband, a devoted father, a caring son, and an actor of note.

He is also a gifted poet. Overwhelmed by the death of his mother,

David's profound grief found elequent expression in poetry.

In dealing with his own great loss, David has provided each of us with courage and insight and strength

that can help us in dealing with our own time of grief. My Mother's Autumn is a work of radiance

which deals with death and at the same time celebrates life."

—Earl Hamner, Creater of The Waltons and Falcon Crest


Poems  -  Mother      Hardcover     $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00  S&H      ISBN 978 097012820-1


My Mother's Autumn Audio

David Selby

Read by the Author


CD     $10.00  -  $0.67 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 0970128220-5


*Published by Locust Grove and included in this catalog at the author's request.

HousePoems: Structures and Their Inhabitants

Dan Guillory


This lovely book speaks for itself.  See some of the reviews in the Lincoln Catalog.


The cover is a watercolor by Leslie Guilory.


Poems  -  Essays  -  History      Softcover     $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 193227898-9





HousePoems: Structures and Their Inhabitants Audio Book

Dan Guillory

Read by the Author


CD     $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 193969531-4

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