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General James W. Singleton: Lincoln's Mysterious Copperhead Ally

Peter J. Barry

 This story begins during the demise of the Whig party, the growth of the Republicans,

and the resistence of the Peace Democrats.

Historian Dr. Wayne C. Temple writes: "Peter J. Barry has rescued [Singleton] from obscurity

with a beautifully written biography filled with much primary research.

This is a fascinating volume and deserves a prominent place

in the history of national politics, Illinois and Lincolniana."


Nonfiction  -  Biography      Hardcover (Photos)     $26.95  -  $2.02 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227873-6

Bittersweet: A Daughter's Memoir
Marilyn Arnold


Marilyn Arnold is acclaimed for her many nonfiction works, and for her disarming novels,

full of mystery and humor, but this book is personal. 

Through it we see the author's great efforts to understand a mother so different

from herself. Bittersweet will resonate on several levels.


Nonfiction  -  Autobiography     Softcover (Photos)     Softcover     $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978193227852-1


Ebook Available On Amazon

Cosmos Cantata: A Seeker's Cosmic Journey

Tae-Sang Lee

While the author has published several books in Korea, this is his first book published in English

and in the United States. This work reflects the author's very curious mind, his keen sense of humor

and a never-ending search for the secrets of the cosmos.


Creative Nonfiction - Autobiography   Hardcover   $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H   ISBN 978 193227896-5


Ebook Available On Amazon

Still A Country Boy: After Embracing the World
From Peace Corps Volunteer to Founder & CEO of the Resource Foundation

A Life of Service

Loren Finnell

Loren Finnell received The National Peace Corps Association's 2006

Sargent Shriver Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Service.

His life of service took him to 44 countries, and expanded his knowledge and his interest in helping others.


Non-fiction  -  Autobiography      Softcover (Photos)     $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227884-2


Ebook Available On Amazon

Black Smoke and Peanut Butter Sandwiches: Memoirs of an Only Child

Valerie Huffman Osborn

 A mid-century journey (beginning during the 1940s), written with a light hand and a happy heart.

Osborn has also written an illustrated children's book, A Week of Bunnies.

(See also A Week of Bunnies audio book, read by the author.)


Nonfiction - Autobiography      Softcover (Photos)     $16.95  -  $1.27 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 193227881-1

Immaculate Fracture: A Medical Odyssey

Jeff Krehbiel

Suellyn Lindsey Garner wrote:  "Jeff Krehbiel was a strong, active 39 year old when he awoke one morning

with excruciating pain in his shoulder. So began the medical odyssey.

Living on the island of St. Croix necessitated long trips to find specialists.

One injury led to another, which led to misdiagnoses, to nightmares of pain,

trying to manage it, and to finding the love of his life.

A non-fiction book with tension that builds as dramatically as a mystery novel...."


Nonfiction  -  Biography  -  Medicine     Softcover (Photos)     $26.95  -  $2.02 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227880-4

Ten Sisters: A True Story
 Virginia Rackley, Deloris Hart, Rhita Brniak, Mary Margaret Hickmott,

Irma Swierk Allen, Pauline Ariel, Phyllis Ferguson, Vera Barber, Audrey Alford, Doris R. Wenzel


The separation of the ten sisters in 1942 led to this work, with each sister writing her own candid chapter.


"These are distinct voices."

—American Library Association

"I could not lay it down...This book lends credibility to the theory that sibling ties should never be severed."

—May E. Johnson, Founder & Exec. Director, Orphan Train Heritage Society of America


"While each of the ten sisters wrote her own story...weaving through

each chapter is the need for family, the need for stabilit."

 —Award-winning article by Bill Lair, Mid-America Newspapers


"The experience of writing the book reunited them in a way their parents could not."

—Kirby Pringle, Champaign News Gazette


Nonfiction - Biography      Softcover (2nd Ed. 5th Printing)     $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804481-5


Ebook Available On Amazon


Ten Sisters: A True Story Audio Book

Rackley et. al.

Read by the Authors

Recorded in 1997. All chapters read by the sisters.


CD      $49.95  -  $3.75 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H   (No charge for S&H if shipped with book)      ISBN 978 193227829-3

DVD of the PBS 1-hour documentary Ten Sisters

Available through WILL TV: 217-333 -1070

*See Children's Catalog for more information on the illustrated children's book Ten Little Sisters.

Better Off Dad: Parenting Morsels from a Stay-at-Home Daddio
Will Culp


Will Culp is a journalist and a writer of plays. Better off Dad is his first book.

He is also a stay-at-home father of two little girls.

His experiences, enhanced with humor, provide a lot of good suggestions for children and dads.

Creative Nonfiction       Softcover      $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 193227875-0


Note:  A good teaching aide in colleges, perhaps in a sociology class.

Council of Angels

Jo Long

Jo Long reports a life as reluctant receiver of spiritually inspired writings and the company of unexpected angels.

These experiences may be unusual for the reader, but Jo was a frequent speaker on her experiences,

and was often called on to talk privately with other "receivers."


Nonfiction  -  Autobiography - Spiritual Life

Softcover (Photos)     $12.95  -  $0.97 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 187804474-7

In and Out of the Shadows

David Selby


Autobiography in poems and photos.

Best known for his performances on television, stage, and film, David Selby is an accomplished writer.

He portrayed Lincoln in the grand reopening of Ford's Theater, Washington, D.C.,

and has appeared on many television shows, including Dark Shadows, Mad Men and Cold Case.

His most recent novel, Lincoln's Better Angel, published by Mayhaven, 

is included in the tower of books sculpture at the Ford Theater Center in Washington, D.C.


"From Quentin Collins to Abraham Lincoln, David Selby has infused his characters with passion and humanity.

I am proud to have helped launch his career with Dark Shadows."

  —Dan Curtis, Director


Locust Grove Press - Included in this catalog at the author's request. Available through Mayhaven Publishing, Inc.


Creative Nonfiction  -   Autobiography     Softcover  (Photos)   $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 097012821-8 

Lyle Bidner


One man's spiritual quest.

Lyle Bidner was a successful businessman, and a prize-winning life-stock and grain farmer,

who spent his entire life living in or around a very small town in the midwest.  He had a life-long interest in religion

—not only his own, which altered over the course of his life, but in the beliefs of others. He also liked to write,

and late in life he wrote about the dynamic relationships of his family and his accomplishments.

Souls concentrates on his religious and spiritual experiences, and on his long relationship with his cherished wife.


Nonfiction  -  Autobiography  -  Spiritual Life    Hardcover (Photos)    $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.50 S&H     ISBN 978 193227833-0

To Send a Dove: One Woman's Triumph Over Breast Cancer
Delores Hackett Rutherford

To Send A Dove is being used in a program in Western Illinois for those newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

A straight-talking survivor of breast cancer, the author is both moving and engaging.

She holds on to faith and hope in this insightful journey.


"I wish every breast cancer patient could read To Send A Dove..."

—John Robert McFarland, author, cancer survivor, Now That I have Cancer I am Whole


Nonfiction - Autobiography - Health     Softcover (Photos)     $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804479-2


*We thank Diamond Productions and Warner Bros. for permission to use lyrics from selected music.

Sister & Me
Gertrude Stonesifer

Orphaned, the author and her sister were ever adapting to new experiences.

When she graduated from college, she traveled and painted, and even took a German tramp steamer to

South America during the 1930s, where she had to be lifted off the boat from the air—in a basket—as World War II

was beginning in Europe. Marrying later than most, when her young husband suddenly died,

she took over his newspaper while caring for her infant son.  An artist, Stonesifer began writing in her late 80s,

and in addition to Sister & Me, she published three books for children with Mayhaven and Wild Rose (Mayhaven Imprint):

The Peanut Butter Kid; The Monarch, The Snow Goose & the Butterfly Tree; and Then and Now Stories. See Children's Catalog.


Nonfiction  -  Autobiography  -  Relationships      Softcover (Photos)     $7.95  -  $0.62 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804462-4

Two Walk the Golden Road: Two Soldiers, Two Cultures, Their Histories Entwined
Wilson Powell & Zhou Ming Fu

Two men, one from the United States, one from China, fought on the treeless slopes of Korea, experiencing love and loss,

political upheavals, and personal devils, and who, years later—and by chance—became great friends.

Wilson Powell is the son of an American scientist, whose work helped develop the atomic bomb. Zhou Ming-Fu is

the son of a Chinese shopkeeper. Both men, through essays and letters,

have sought to come to terms with the influences of their lives.

An Op-Ed article on this book appeared in the New York Times.


Nonfiction - Autobiography - Military       Softcover (Photos)     $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804482-2


Ebook Available On Amazon

95 Years With John "Jack" Day: The Orphan Nobody Wanted
John "Jack" Day

This very candid autobiography includes Day's estrangement from his only son,

his reaction to his first wife's love affair, the Great Depression, his own love affair, and to a long-term

but limited second marriage. An active, competent, and graceful man until his last days,

Day left a truly honest legacy. Reared in London's famous Barnardo's Orphanage, Day, as a 10-year-old child,

was sent across the north Atlantic to work on a farm in Canada.

Work eventually led him to America and the train yards of the midwest, always searching for a home of his own.


Nonfiction  -  Autobiography  -  Relationships     Hardcover (Photos)     $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 187804455-6

Brother Mine: Lessons Learned
Mike Odell

"A Midwestern saga of life's journey through small and large dramas. The prose moves the reader quietly,

but powerfully, through a world of family, career, and passions that create a life and shape relationships."

—Dan Davis, editor and publisher, Victory Lane Magazine


"Their personalities, their work and their lives were different,

but lessons and interests that began in childhood held them together.

From the beginning they embraced technology, especially anything to do with wheels.

From wagons, to bicycles, to cars—great cars—they found a common bond for life."

—Lee Publications


Nonfiction  -  Autobiography  -  Relationships   Softcover (Photos)     $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 193227803-3


Brother Mine Audio Book

Mike Odell

Read by the Author


CD     $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.50 S&H      ISBN 978 193227831-6

Dear Family: A Family Saga through Letters, Diaries and Personal Stories
Marjorie Heaton Lynn


Seven generations of an Iowa Family, which spawned teachers, preachers, a State Legislator,

an inventor, and many other intriguing members.

This book was nominated for an award by the Iowa Historical Society,

and includes four Civil War diaries and features family journals and letters (including the author's).

The second volume is Sugar From Lettuce.


Nonfiction  -  Autobiography  -  History    Hardcover (Photos)     $29.95  -  $2.25 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804459-4

Sugar From Lettuce: The 1930's
Marjorie Heaton Lynn


The second volume about seven generations of one extraodinary Iowa Family,

including farmers, musicians, actors, businessmen,

and a horticulturalist (her father won 1st Place at the World's Fair).

At a time when women had few rights,

the author's mother is an outstanding feature of this book. Her journals and letters hold sway over the family,

and when the Depression came along, she acted, pitting her against those she loved,

to salvage the family's financial future.

There is so much information and lost culture in Dear Family and Sugar From Lettuce.

They are treasures. Familiar names include:

The George family, the Osmond family, the Nolte family, the Heaton family, and the Lynn family.


Nonfiction  -  Autobiography  -  History        Hardcover (Photos)      $39.95  -  $3.00 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804467-9

On the Wings of Love: Michael's Story
A Grandson's Life and Death from Kawasaki's Disease

Donna Rhodes Collins


Dr. Kawasaki discovered the disease named after him.

When he was honored in the United States for his work, Collins was invited, and Dr. Kawasaki praised her book.

On The Wings of Love: Michael's Story is the only known book on Kawasaki's disease for those outside the medical profession.

Collins wrote of her grandson's death from heart failure resulting from Kawasaki's disease.

The American Heart Association reports that complications from Kawasaki's

is the number one cause of death from acquired heart failure in American children.


A reader from the UK wrote:  "...I have just finished reading your book about your Grandson Mikie...

Thank you for having the insight to put your tragedy into print.

It was so helpful to read the same feelings of disbelief and sadness

when a member of  your family is subjected to KD...There needs to be much more awareness."


Nonfiction - Biography - Health      Hardcover (Photos)    $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.50 S&H     ISBN 978 187804452-5

Lena: Murder in Southern Indiana

Christine Righthouse


Scottsburg rests just off Interstate 65, the main artery running north and south through America's heartland.

The tree-covered hills shelter small farms and tiny, unexpected neighborhoods set miles from the main roads.

Peaceful, idyllic places where windows are scrubbed, women still hang laundry outside to dry,

where neighbors share local gossip and older children ride up and down the gravel roads on dirt bikes

purchased by hard-working parents. The houses show pride in ownership,

rising out of the rocky soil and carefully tended front yards and backyards that

fall gently away to tree lines so thick they mask the rising sun.


Nonfiction  -  Biography - True Crime      First Edition sold out   $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804473-0


Note: This story captured the imagination of Cosmopolitan magazine when they told the story from the perspective of Lena's sister, Alicia. 

*The hardcover books are ​Sold Out. 

Chicken Tommy & Other Stories
Richard Thomas


Witness the rise and fall of the Broomcorn industry, the impact of the Illinois Central,

the legendary City of New Orleans, the legacy of "The Slab", lodge life, barbershops and cafes.

Discover Humboldt's connections to the famous folksinger Burl Ives and former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar.


 Also see Broomcorn Johnnies, a forerunner of Chicken Tommy & Other Stories.


Nonfiction  -  History (Humboldt) -      Softcover (Photos)     $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804416-7


​Note:  See the Children's Catalog for Ruth St. John Thomas' The Rawleigh Man Told Me.

Richard and Ruth were the first married couple that published books with Mayhaven.

Broomcorn Johnnies
Richard Thomas


Nonfiction  -  IL History       Softcover (Photos)   $4.95  -  $0.38 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 187804408-2


Note:  No S&H charge if ordered with a second book.

A Somalia Journal

Mark Rausenberger

Rausenberger served dutifully in Somalia, but what he experienced both surprised and discouraged him.

"Soldiers get lonely and angry in Rausenberger's book..."

—Laurie Miles, Iowa City Press-Citizen


Nonfiction  -  Autobiography  -  Military    Softcover (Photos)     $12.95  -  $0.97 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804426-6


Ebook Available On Amazon

Lincoln's Surgeons at His Assassination

Wayne C. Temple

“So you thought you knew everything there was to know about the Lincoln assassination?

Lincoln's health? His medical treatment in life and nearing death? Then think again.

Once more, as he has done so consistently throughout his absolutely remarkable 70 year focus on our 16th president,

Wayne C. Temple has uncovered astonishing new material and presented it lucidly and appealingly

in a collection that every serious student of Lincoln must have. Wayne Temple is a marvel. Long may he wave!”

—Harold Holzer, Winner of the 2015 Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize


“For over half a century, Wayne Temple, master gardner in the Lincoln vineyards, has been

enriching the literature on the sixteenth president. On the sesquicentennial of Lincoln's death, he

offers yet another fresh contribution, containing new information uncovered through meticulous

research in a wide variety of sources. Students of the assassination as well as Lincoln buffs will

welcome this timely addition to the author's exceptionally long and distinguished bibliography.”

—Michael Burlingame, Chancellor Naomi B. Lynn Distinguished Chair in Lincoln Studies

University of Illinois—Springfield


Nonfiction  -  History  -  Lincoln    Hardcover (Photos)    $29.99  -  $2.25 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H    ISBN 978 1939695529

Abraham Lincoln: From Skeptic to Prophet (Third Edition)
Wayne C. Temple


Third Edition Available. 1st and 2nd Editions are Sold Out.

A definitive work on Lincoln's spiritual life. Many new and little-known facts.

The renowned Abraham Lincoln Book Shop in Chicago, Illinois,

has listed, from over 10,000 books and pamphlets on Lincoln,

their "Essential Lincoln Book Shelf." We are pleased to announce that Wayne C. Temple's

Abraham Lincoln: From Skeptic to Prophet (Mayhaven Publishing)

is included in these significant 161 time-honored titles.

Other lists have included it among the top 100.

The 1st Edition of From Skeptic to Prophet is included in the Tower of Lincoln Books Sculpture in Washington, D.C.


Dr. Wayne C. Temple has been called "the greatest living Lincoln historian."

He is Deputy Director of the Illinois Archives and has been a guest on the History Channel

and is a member of the U.S. Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.

His awards, state, national and international, are too numerous to list.


Nonfiction  -  History  -  Lincoln       Hardcover (Photos)      $34.95  -  $2.62 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227835-4


Lincoln's Travels on the River Queen During the Last Days of His Life
Wayne C. Temple

"Once again, Lincoln scholar extraordinaire Wayne Temple has filled a void

in the Lincoln literature with an authoritative, exhaustive,

and irresistibly lively account of one of the 16th President's favorite perks: his riverboat.

Any Lincoln enthusiast lucky enough to pick it up will find it impossible to set aside;

impeccably researched, it reads like an adventure story. The River Queen was a witness to history.

Fortunately for us, so is Wayne Temple."

—Harold Holzer, co-chairman, U.S. Lincoln Bicentennial Commission


"Lincoln's Travels on the River Queen provides readers with careful detective work placed in a rich narrative.

Temple offers new information about a well-known event."

—Thomas F. Schwartz, Illinois State Historian


History - Lincoln     Hardcover (Photos)     $23.95  -  $1.80 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227844-6


Ebook Available On Amazon



Lincoln's Travels on the River Queen During the Last Days of His Life Audio Book

Wayne C. Temple

Read by the Author

CD    $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227866-8

By Square & Compass: The Saga of the Lincoln Home (Revised Second Edition)

Wayne C. Temple

Lincoln's only home, located in Springfield, Illinois, has offered up many stories,

some humorous, some poignant, and some very surprising.


History  -  Lincoln     Softcover (Photos)  $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN ISBN 978 187804480-8

Abraham Lincoln and Illinois' Fifth Capitol
Sunderine (Wilson) Temple and Wayne C. Temple


Lincoln and the Long Nine brought Illinois' Fifth Capitol to Springfield, Illinois.

This structure, a short walk from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library,

is filled with the history of Lincoln and other historic figures that walked its halls.

Included in this journey are the men and women who built this edifice and the behind-the-scenes incidents.


"No one knows more about Springfield or its State Capitol than the city's legendary resident historian

Wayne C. Temple, or his wife, the building's longtime guide, Sunderine Temple.

In their new book they combine prodigious research, an unerring appreciation for the great men

who made history in this landmark, an ear for lively stories, and a dazzling storehouse of intricate detail,

to create a long-needed, enchanting, and definitive study of one of the most important buildings in the life of Abraham Lincoln

and his hometown. At last, one of Springfield's great temples has found the perfect Temples

to chronicle it with coherence and verve."

 —Harold Holzer, Co-Chairman, U.S. Lincoln Bicentennial Commission


Nonficiotn  -  IL History  -  Lincoln       Hardcover ( Photos)      $29.95  -  $2.25 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227815-6

"The Taste Is In My Mouth A Little...": Lincoln's Victuals and Potables

Wayne C. Temple

The Taste Is In My Mouth A Little by world-class historian, Wayne C. Temple, includes the entire text of the 1843 Editon

of Miss Leslie's Directions for Cookery in its Various Branches (known to have been used in the Lincoln household).

This book is appreciated by historians, cooks, and collectors.

"....a fascinating and important book. Wayne C. Temple, the great Lincoln scholar,

has combed everything ever written about the Civil War President to produce a delightful account

of what the Lincolns ate and drank and how their food was prepared.

This book, like the recipes from Miss Leslie's Directions for Cookery,

Mary Lincoln's cookbook, is a gourmet's delight."

—David Herbert Donald, author of Lincoln and We Are Lincoln Men


"With this intriguing volume, chock full of fresh information, the indefatigable

Wayne Temple adds to the long and distinguished list of contributions he has made to the Lincoln literature.

Yet again, he has earned the gratitude of all who wish to know the true historical Lincoln."

—Michael Burlingame, Sadowski Professor of History Emeritus


"....Here, at last, is Lincoln's recipe for success: the first informed guide to our great president's taste in food and drink.

With his usual precise attention to detail, his flair for the good story, and his uncanny ability to

find new and fascinating information, Lincoln scholar Wayne Temple has unlocked valuable secrets

that have long eluded other historians. The author and the subject are perfectly matched, and the result—in a word—is a feast."

—Harold Holzer 


History  -  Lincoln      Hardcover (Photos)     $39.95  -  $3.00 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H    ISBN 978 187804441-9

Alexander Williamson: Friend of the Lincolns

Wayne C. Temple




History  -  Lincoln      Original Softcover (Photos)     $12.95  -  $1.00 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804476-1


*Published by the Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin and included here at the request of the author.



Abraham Lincoln & Others at the St. Nicholas
Wayne C. Temple


 IL History  -  History - Lincoln     Original Softcover (Photos)     $9.95  -  $0.75 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804456-3

Note: Published privately in the 1960's (the book even displays the original price),

this collector's item is an early publication penned by Temple.


People & Places in the Land of Lincoln
Dan Guillory


"As usual, Dan Guillory has created a very compelling look at the life and landscape of Abraham Lincoln,

with his signature readability and clarity, in his use of language.

The book is chock full of useful information, especially so for readers who will want to explore the

Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area, even before they finish the read."

—Hal Smith, Director Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area


"Some authors may falter if asked to burst the boundaries of a genre but not Dan Guillory.

As a guide to Lincoln-related sites in central Illinois, this book provides much more.

Insights and observations delivered through illuminating prose delight the reader.

Guillory specializes in...finding 'art and culture in the most unexpected and unpromising places.'

As surely as the corn and soybean yielded by rich soils, Dan Guillory proves once again

why he is one of our region's most valuable natural resources."

—Robert D. Sampson, Ph.D.

"People and Places in the Land of Lincoln is a treasure for those in search of the figure

behind the chiseled statues, the voice behind the exquisite words, and the man beneath the top hat...

Lincoln's landscape is illuminated by Guillory through story and setting...

immersing readers in a sensory and historical journey through both the physical and inner terrain

of a man who confronted the enormous struggles of his time with an interior cultivation

of wisdom and integrity. Both Lincolnites and those who will undoubtedly join their ranks

after encountering People and Places will be thrilled with a work that not only captures

but also invites readers to experience intimately the quiddity of a man whose spirit stirs the marrow in our bone-centers."

—Joanna Beth Tweedy, Author of The Yonder Side of Sass and Texas and Editor and Host of Quiddity


History - Lincoln - Guide      Softcover (Photos)    $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 193227864-4


People & Places in the Land of Lincoln Audio Book
Dan Guillory

Read by the Author

CD     $29.95  -  $2.25 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227883-5

The Many Faces of Lincoln: Selected Articles from the Lincoln Herald
Edited by: Charles M. Hubbard, Thomas R. Turner, and Steven K. Rogstad


Full of captivating articles, this book is like a painting, full of texture, surprise,

 colorful events, and people—all having to do with Lincoln.


History - Lincoln     Softcover (Photos)  $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804453-2

Special Limited Hardcover Edition   $35.00  -  $2.25 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H

Basil Moore's Lincoln
Basil Ward Moore - Illustrations by Lloyd Ostendorf

1st Edition Sold Out

Stories by and about Lincoln based on Basil Ward Moore's humorous lectures,

which he delivered in nearly every state in the union for over forty years.


"...Basil a man of innate charm, with a twinkle in his eye, an appreciation of the sly humor of Abe Lincoln,

but at the same time is deadly serious in his skillful use of convey a faultless image of the 16th President as a human being."

—Dr. Harry V. Wann


History  -   Lincoln  -  Humor    Hardcover (Photos/Illustrations)    $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 187804402-0


Ebook Available On Amazon

Misuse of Power: How the Far Right Gained and Misuses Power
Ed Asner & Burt Hall


This book has been called, "Truthful," "Honest," "Enlightening."

This is a book that speaks to people in ordinary language about extraordinary events.

Edward "Ed" Asner is known for his roles on stage, TV, and radio,

but he has had a life-long interest and commitment to human rights.

Co-author Burt Hall, known for his best-selling book on poker,

worked for the National Government for most of his life, but has been an outspoken political advocate.


Politics  -  History  -  (Chapter 6 - Satire)      Softcover     $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227814-9

America's Rural Hub: Trains in Central Illinois During the Late 20th Century
Stanley A. Changnon


Changnon wrote in his preface: "After years of train watching, I found East-central Illinois...

had more train activity than any comparably sized rural area in the nation!"


This book was the first written by Changnon about trains in Illinois.


Trains  -  IL History         Softcover (Photos)    $39.95  -  $3.00 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804404-4

The Triangle: Busy Railroading in Southern Illinois
Stanley A. Changnon


Trains  -  IL History      Softcover (Photos)     $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 096318110-7


Note: This book was not published by Mayhaven but is included in our catalog at the author's request.

Railroad Bridges in the Heartland
Stanley A. Changnon


Trains - History      Softcover (Photos)     $29.95  -  $2.25 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 096318111-4

Note: This book was not published by Mayhaven but is included in our catalog at the author's request.

Searching for Footsteps to the Past: Surface Finds on the Kaskaskia River
James Allen Smith


Recovering from a devastating auto accident, brick layer, James Allen Smith, returned to his parent's farm

along the Kaskaskia River and rediscovered the artifacts found there.

Included in Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian - 7th Edition


"...a record of the Indian artifacts he lifted from between the rows of plowed earth and along the shady river banks..."

 Illinois Magazine


"An example of small press publishing at its very best."

Midwest Book Review

Native American Artifacts  -  History      Softcover (Photos)     $29.95  -  $2.25 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 187804403-7

Our Church: 100th Anniversary of Osmond Lutheran Church
Osmond Centinnel Committee


First Edition Sold Out.


An unsolicited reader said it was the "Best book on Church history I have ever read."


History  -  Religion     Softover (Photos)      $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804425-9

An Unofficial History of Mahomet, Illinois

Isabelle Purnell


 First Edition Sold Out. Available as Ebook.


One small, midwestern town growing up along the Sangamon River when life seemed simple,

but beneath the surface, love, hate, and tragedy played out in all the lives.


IL History      Softcover (Photos)     $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804470-9


Ebook Available on Amazon.

The History of Wood River Baptist District Association: Vol. II 1996-2004

The Reverend Eddie Mabry, Ph.D


"...the oldest, continuing organization of Black churches in the nation."


History  -  Churches        Softcover (Photos)      $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 193227820-0

Memories of the Heart: Rural Schools in Illinois
Warren Royer


Early learning through the eyes of students and teachers.


History - Schools       Softcover (Photos)      $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804417-4

Note: The cover was painted by the author's 90-year-old father.

The World's Greatest Star Trek Quiz

Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Original TV Series
Nan Clark


"...the ultimate book for those who think they know everything about the legendary sci-fi series."

—Bill Stuttig, Bronx Times

"...for the hard-core Trekker."

 —Cheryl A. Hoahing, St. John's Today

Television  -  Science Fiction      Softcover      $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 187804433-8


*Because of publishing rights limitations, this book will not be reprinted.

Tantalizing Thai Cuisine: Traditional & Modern Recipes
Vinita Atmiyanandana Lawler


Solid recipes and some tongue-in-cheek comments keep you smiling. Growing up in Thailand,

Lawler cooked her family's favorite recipes. As a young bride in America, she taught others in her many

Thai cooking classes. Read, enjoy, and prepare a surprising delight from this unique cookbook.

Lawler was a guest on Sherman Kaplan's In the Kitchen - WBBM Radio - Chicago


"...a gifted cook with a strong measure of originality...her recipe collection does not follow the

mold of Thai cookbooks published on the east and west coasts...

she skillfully overlaid her own touches...unusual

Tamarin Cake...tart, sweet, and nutty and pleasantly different. "

The World of Cookbooks


Cookbook  -  Thai Cooking      Softcover (Photos)       $12.95  -  $0.97 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804410-5

Are We Hungry Yet? A Guide to the Best Budget Restaurants for Florida-bound Drivers
Leonard Wise & John Chisholm


Slip this book into your car for a real eating adventure from the Canadian border to Miami, Florida.

This irreverant guide will give you the low-down on unusual places and some terrific food.

"...a really useful book...rates 75 dining establishments along Interstates 75 and 95 all the way to Miami."

—Raul Waters, Toronto Star Record News Service


Cafe Guide        Softcover      $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 1878044235


Suddenly Single: Don't Be A Wimpy Widow Like Me

Maxine Leffler


Recovering from her dear husband's death, the author was astonished

at the number of things to do, to learn, and to accept.

She, and others, have provided suggestions for making the transition a bit easier.

There is much information in Suddenly Single: Don't Be a Wimpy Widow Like Me.

And the author's sense of humor about herself and the world around her, including her wish to have

Carolyn Broadhead's whimsical drawing on the cover, is an example of her wry view of the world.


Nonfiction - How To Book        Softcover      $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227882-6



Dogs of A Superior Nature

Terrine Gomez


The lives of the author's pets, as if told by each of them,

entertwined the with the ever-present sound of music touching their home,

their mama and the wonderful students and friends.


Creative Non-fiction - Photos  - Crossover Book

Softcover     $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 13 978 193227807




The Art of Recovery

An artist/writer takes an endless journey through the 12 steps

Marty F.


Marty F.'s original artwork and accompanying essays

express both a deep understanding and a refreshingly humorous perspective

of those who have found the 12 Step program a life-changer or even a life-saver.


Creative Non-fiction - Photos  - Crossover Book

Softcover    $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 13 978 1939695000


Ebook Available On Amazon

OOPS! Confessions of a Klutz

Marilyn Arnold - Illustrated by Kyle Mayes


Using her trademark humor, Marilyn Arnold recounts her many (mis)adventures.

From sports to creative arts, and everything in between, OOPS! is filled with Arnold's many efforts,

often testing her commitment, her endurance, her skill, and her nerve.


Nonfiction - Humor - Adventure - Mishaps - Illustrated

Softcover    $16.95  -  $1.27 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 1939695116

Nana's Family & Friends: Generations of Cooking

Valerie Huffman-Osborn

This cookbook is filled with delicious recipes in virtually every category. They will entice you, please you, and encourage you to step into the kitchen and create foods that will linger on your taste buds and in your memory. Carefully selected, the author's appreciation of both traditional American dishes and cultural foods from around the world will offer delicious meals to be shared with others.

Nonfiction - Cookbook

Hardcover    $24.95  -  $6.00 S&H  -  IL Sales Tax Applies    ISBN 978 1939695901

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