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Jack the Ripper in St. Louis

A Victorian Whodunit

Winner of Mayhaven's Award for Fiction

Fedora Amis


"Fedora Amis cleverly weaves a tale of a young woman's quest to become the next great female reporter.

Her adventurous investigation leads to a mad doctor, suspected by modern researchers, to be the first 

modern serial killer—the infamous Jack the Ripper. Thrills, chills, and a little bit of humor make 

Fedora Amis' Jack the Ripper in St. Louis a must read..."    

          —Judy Moresi, author of Widow's Walk and Tribal Fires


Fiction  -  Mystery/Suspense  Novel     Softcover     $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 193227828-6


Ebook Available On Amazon

Lincoln's Better Angel

David L. Selby


 "....David Selby has created a living, breathing Lincoln... yet alive and relevant in today's world.

Any student of American history will be dazzled by Selby's interpretation of Lincoln and his plausible

reactions to contemporary events. With every page, you tumble further into this amazing world,

and meet a charming, wise and surprising ghost of Lincoln.

          —Bob Rogers, BRC Imagination Arts, Ex. Producer of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.


"David L. Selby has brought the ghost of Lincoln back to Washington D.C.

where he appears to a Vietnam veteran assigned to the Lincoln Memorial.  They discuss the past and the present

in a very imaginative and philosophical dialogue. A most entertaining read."

          —Wayne C. Temple, Chief Deputy Director, IL State Archive, historian, and prolific author 


 Fiction  -  Novel  -  Ghost Story     Hardcover    $24.95  -  $2.62 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 193227827-9 


A.D. Carson


Prose, poetry, Hip-Hop lyrics, and a 1-act play combine to tell this story.  (Complimentary Readers Guide)


Fiction - Multi-media Book    Softcover      $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 193227872-9


COLD Audio CD      Inspired by the Novel  $10.00  -  $0.75 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 061550326-4


COLD Book and COLD CD      $25.00  -  $1.88 IL Tax  -  $6.00  S&H (No S&H for CD if sent with book)


Cold World Volume I & Volume II CDs   $15.00  -  $1.13 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H


ALL 3 CDs    $35.00  -  $2.63 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H


Yats in Movieland

Michael Russo


Russo sees the humor in everything: people, events, organizations, and ideas!

One reader wrote that he stood on the sidewalk and laughed out loud while reading Yats.


"An outrageous and irreverent novel dealing with the movie industry and the crescent city."        

          —Loyola New Orleans Magazine


"Russo...has talent...a lively writing style... "                              

          —Susan Larson, New Orleans Times-Picayune


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Satire     Softcover     $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 18780442-2


Ebook Available On Amazon

Potter Junction

Mayhaven Award for Fiction

Lewis Thomas


Much of this novel is biographical, and it plucks sweet and sour notes from the songs of the south.

Set in lower Alabama from the 1930s through the 1950s, this love story reflects the author's experiences and observations.


Novel  -  Softcover     $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H         ISBN 978 187804471-6


Note: The image of the stained-glass window (on Contact Page) was a gift author Lewis Thomas

created for Mayhaven, based on our logo, designed by artist Denny Rogers.

Vienna Kisses

Mayhaven Award for Fiction

Wilfried G. Lippmann


Set in Vienna at the end of World War II, this novel takes a unique approach to a serious topic

—the unhearalded victims of war. Concentrating on the characters, Lippmann manages to make us laugh

in the face of adversity. 


"...readers...will be rewarded with indelible images...Vienna Kisses is a light and lip-smacking literary confection."

          —Barbara McMichael, the bookmonger, The Olympian

Fiction  -  Historical Novel  -  Humor   Hardcover     $23.95  -  $1.80 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 187804493-8


Note: Wilfried G. Lippmann twice won Mayhaven's Award for Fiction (Love Matters) and he placed 3rd in the Children's Category, always using a different pen name. His style is memorable. Vienna Kisses is also available on Ebook. Also see Poetry and Short Story Catalog for Lippmann's short stories, Love Matters.


Ebook Available On Amazon and Nook

Minding Mama

Mayhaven Award for Fiction

Marilyn Arnold

Also see the sequel: Yes, Mama


"Get ready to laugh tears of delight at the absolutely enchanting humor and tenderness of Minding Mama.

This is fiction without flaw....It is SO funny! I also found myself captivated by its underlying wisdom....

This is not only fine writing by a gifted author, but, as a bonus, Minding Mama provides enrichment for the soul....

Arnold's marvelous one-liners, mixed with the skilled unfolding of good tidings along the way...

I couldn't put the book down. Humor is not spotty or occasional here, but a steady tickle of the ribs....

This is a book you shouldn't miss....It deserves notice from every book lover in the country."                                                   

          —Patricia Russell, Senior Sampler


"....Minding Mama will be her best-known book to date..."

         —Douglas Alder, Daily Spectrum


"Minding Mama is a wild, wacky ride....Arnold is a talented witer who can tell a good story...."

         —Dennis Lythgoe, Deseret Morning News


"...I picked up Minding Mama. Well, I could not put it down....Marilyn Arnold writes with heart and head."          

          —Joe Morgan, author of Potato Branch and Into Chilling Water (2nd Edition)


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Road Trip  -  Humor      Softcover     $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 193227822-4


Ebook Available On Amazon

Yes, Mama 

Sequel to Award-winning Minding Mama

Marilyn Arnold


Dorie is off on another road trip, with the ghost of Ruetta by her side. Lots of humor and some big surprises.


Ficiton  -  Novel  -  Road Trip  -  Humor        Softcover    $15.95  -  $1.20 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 1932278934           


Note: Not all of Arnold's books are filled with humor and mystery. Bittersweet, A Daughter's Memoir was named

the best book by a Mormon author in 2010.  (See Nonfiction Catalog)


Ebook Available On Amazon

Perfecting Amiable

Marilyn Arnold


All of Arnold's characters stay with me, but the group of characters in Perfecting Amiable

strike a special chord. Like a fine painter, Arnold always throws in a little something dark for contrast,

and she fools me every time. Be careful. Her writing may become addictive.


Novel  -  Humor and Mystery      Softcover    $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227823-1


Note: One of our best designers, Aaron Porter, came up with this fitting illustration.


Ebook Available On Amazon

Unidentified Lying Objects

Marilyn Arnold


Arnold provides a hilarious mix of characters trapped in the Red Rock Desert of Utah by a flash flood.

Among the stranded are an elderly woman in a Mini-Cooper, folks on a bird-watching expedition

from the Jiminy Cricket (we're hopping!) Senior Citizens Center, and a group of UFO watchers

on the lookout for friendly aliens. Wickedly funny and often suspenseful,

Arnold's style presents a good deal of substance in this master yarn.


Fiction - Novel  -  Mystery -  Humor      Softcover      $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 193227858-3


Ebook Available On Amazon


Bejing Odyssey: Based on the Life and Times of Liang Shiyi

Steven Tung Au


 Although Beijing Odyssey is identified as a novel, it has been so intensely researched and so carefully written,

it might very well be called a biography. Certainly it is true to the history of China from the mid-1800s until the 1930s.


 " authentic, carefully researched novel about the wrenching changes in China and Chinese minds

during a crucial period in Chinese history. All is there in the life of Liang Shiyi, one of the last scholar officials of the

Manchu Dynasty and a behind-the-scenes operator in the dangerous, stumbling early years of the Chinese Republic.

Liang Shiyi, who made his mark in the development of railways and the Chinese banking system, led a colorful private life

with his wife and six concubines in his large well-off family. Throughout his lifetime, foreign imperialism clashed

with Chinese nationalism as he struggled to adjust Confucian ways to his dream of a modern yet orderly China." 

          —Charles T. Cross, Ambassador of the United States of America (ret.) 


Fiction  -  Historical Novel      Softcover     $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 187804468-6


Note: Bejing Odyssey was translated and published in China with the author and publisher's permision.

No Man's A Mountain

John E. Cramer


"Cramer's debut sports all the ingredients for a deceptively clever western whodunit...a complex mystery with clues...

spread all over the Kansas prairie of 1876."

         —Publishers Weekly


"No Man's a Mountain is...a carefully plotted, fast-paced story of the old west....

a refreshing new voice in the annals of western fiction."        

          —Jack Farris, author of the classic western, Ramey


"...moves quickly from the outset...fist fights and gunfights and a love interest...and a lot of 'whos' and 'whys' along the way. "                                                                     —Rebecca Rasberry, Jonesboro Sun


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Western        Hardcover      $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 187804448-8

Seven Rode Together

John E. Cramer


Characters of Seven Rode Together will be familiar to those who have read Cramer's first western, No Man's A Mountain.

Mort Kane and his son Joey manage to hold on to their land while others try to steal them out and burn them out.

But the ultimate assault—the kidnapping of young Joey—calls for plenty of help. Six men step up to face the challenge

—some old friends and some nearly strangers. They form a posse to hunt down the enemies

at home and across the border into Mexican Territory. 


"Seven Rode Together...takes the reader back to a...time when a cattle farmer in Kansas had to know how to handle

more than livestock to survive....a fast-paced read...."

         —Rebecca Rasberry, Jonesboro Sun


Fiction  -  Novel - Western        Hardcover     $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 187804492-1

Ho Nikon

G. McLeod


A world of dinosaurs and super humans. The story begins 60 million years ago, and ends in a modern-day urbane setting.

The journey between the two introduces us to two heros, both striving to survive in hostile worlds.


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Science  Fiction         Softcover     $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 187804458-7


*Temporarily out of stock.


A Family Possessed

(Now in its 3rd Printing)

L. W. Stevenson


Based on reported events. 


"This ghost story is set among the cornfields and pasture lands of the Midwest,

where a family shrinks from sounds in the night and shadowy figures that stalk the landscape.

A haunting mystery."

          —Jeff Kelly, Mattoon Journal Gazette


Fiction -  Novel  -  Ghost Story     Softcover (2nd Edition)    $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978-187804463-1


Note: L. W. Stevenson wrote several books before settling down to this spine-tingling subject.


Ebook Available On Amazon


A Family Possessed Audio Book

L. W. Stevenson

Read by Brian H. Porter (author of short stories and essays: Harvey's Life: Now What?)


CD      $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 193227845-3

Murder at the Strawberry Festival

Warren Carrier


Carrier, an instructor at the famous Iowa Writers Group, won many awards for poetry, nonfiction and novels.

He was also a college president. 


" excellent whodunit."

         —Marguerite Johnston, The Houston Post


"...extremely of the rare books I would call a page-turner."

         —Albert Guerard, author of Gabrielle


"The book shines in its parade of characters....a fascinating look into small town America."          

          —Janice Simon, Galveston Daily News


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Mystery      Hardcover      $19.95  -  $1.50 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 187804414-3

An Honorable Spy

Warren Carrier


"...a world of intrigue, mystery and espionage."

         —Janice Simon, The Galveston Daily News


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Mystery      Softcover     $10.95  -  $0.85 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      978 187804411-2


​Note: Warren Carrier published poetry and novels with several established publishers before and after

he published with Mayhaven. It was a great pleasure to have him publish with us.



Kirk Combe

Cut-throat enterprise has imposed its will on the planet.  Gone are functioning nation-states.  Gone is working democracy.  Gone is predictable climate.  Raw power has blended with technologies of semiotic and cybernetic control to impose mega-corporate rule over the world.  To survive, the last active commonwealth on earth must plan a desperate resistance.


Kirk Combe believes that fiction should not be a pleasant escape from social reality, but an intensive and imaginative exploration of it.  2084 is his first novel of speculative science-fiction.  Combe is a Professor of English and Cultural Studies at Denison University in Ohio.  He teaches and publishes in the areas of early modern British satire and drama, literary and cultural theory, and popular culture.  Along with his many scholarly publications, he also writes fiction and screenplays.  Combe has a B.A. from Davidson College (North Carolina), an M.A. from Middlebury College (Vermont), and a D.Phil. from Oxford University (England).


Fiction  -  Novel  - Sci-Fi         Softcover      $24.95  -  $1.93 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 193227863-7

A new and revised Ebook edition is now available on Amazon.



A Byte of Charity

Lance Pearson


A strange story of hacking and revenge.

Nominated for the Library of Virginia Fiction Award.


"A Byte of Charity focuses on a man who uses computers to 'borrow' money from the government

and to force an unscrupulous business to stop a blackmail scheme...the not a computer nerd."                                    

          —Jann Malone, Richmond Times Dispatch


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Mystery      Softcover     $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H          ISBN 978 187804469-3

Waltz With the Devil

Paul Fouliard


Based on historic incidents and figures, Waltz With the Devil was one of our early books, but this story has not lost its punch.

It precedes much of what we now accept as normal. It will make you shiver. International intrigue from the

legendary Otto Skorzeny during the final days of the Third Reich, to the secret plans of modern terrorism,

Fouliard's characters link the past to the present and beyond. 


Fiction  -  Novel  -   Adventure     Softcover     $12.95  -  $0.97 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 187804406-8

And Then She Was Gone - A Maggie Ryan Mystery (in 2nd Edition)

Mayhaven Award for Fiction

Susan McBride


In quiet Litchfield, Texas, a child vanishes without a trace. Detective Maggie Ryan reveals many buried secrets,

including one of her own. Nominated for Reviewer's Choice Award for Best First Mystery by Romantic Times.


"...a real heart-in-your-throat page-turner....McBride does a masterful job of creating harrowing situations,

and Maggie Ryan is a character worth watching."      

          —Toby Bromburg, Mystery Reviewer, Romantic Times


"McBride's debut novel was a finalist in St. Martin's Best First Traditional Mystery contest

and won the National Writer's Association Best Novel Contest.

Neither distinction was as important as winning Mayhaven Publishing's First Annual Award for Fiction,

which resulted in publication of this deserving effort."      —Book Browser Review


"...well-written and brutally realistic...frightening and unforgettable..."     —Harriet Klausner for I Love A Mystery


" the best story-telling tradition...a masterful piece of suspense writing."     —John A. Broussard, The Quill Magazine


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Mystery      Softcover     $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 187804483-9

Note: In addition to the first novel by McBride, Mayhaven also published a second: Overkill. We are pleased to say that the author went on to publish with Avon books.

Overkill - A Maggie Ryan Mystery

Susan McBride


" emotionally intense, suspenseful story...plotting is flawless and the ending, though completely logical,

will take you by surprise..."          —WWW.ROMANTICTIMES.COM Four Quills (out of five)


"...McBride's second novel featuring...Texas cop, Maggie Ryan. I'm happy to say that the dreaded sophomore jinx

does not manifest itself in any way, shape or form....Overkill fulfills the promise of...impressive storytelling

and complicated characterization found in McBride's debut, And Then She Was Gone."    —Reed Andrus, Mystery News


"...a taut police procedural with plenty of emotional resonance. Maggie Ryan is a great protagonist,

competent, complex and...human...Her investigation of a tragic, inexplicable death forces her to look down

the dark hallways of her own past. McBride has followed up her stunning debut with another fine novel..."        

          —William Kent Krueger, award-winning author of Iron Lake, Boundary Waters and Purgatory Ridge


Fiction  -  Novel  - Mystery     Softcover     $14.95  -  $1.12 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 187804487-7 

Keep and Bear Arms

Robert Isham Auler


A former judge wrote that she could barely read this book because it was so close to a real life experience, and that she

felt the author was superior in his development of characters and events.  


"In college, Bob Auler was my station manager at the campus radio station, but fired me, saying I would be better off in print.

Then I was his editor at The Daily Illini, and fired him, saying he would be better off in fiction. Turns out we were both right,

although he only stayed fired for a week, and later turned to the law, a more lucrative branch of fiction, where he became

the Goliath slayer of downstate Illinois."     —Roger Ebert, Pulitzer Prize movie critic


"Keep and Bear Arms has a fiery start in a time of terrorism...flawed heroes....courthouse characters...

lead us down the wrong alley. It is the reader who will be stereotyping, not the book. Auler's attorney-eye for federal and state

conflicts is a great addition to a story of incredible crime...."                                        

          —Paul Davis, former director, WGN TV, Sr V. P. Foundation for American Communications and central IL TV anchor


"From an explosion on page one, the excitement of Keep and Bear Arms never lets up! Auler captures the reality

of small town living, but this could easily have taken place in any major city in the U.S. Auler blends his expertise

and knowledge of the law with the excitement that people love to see in legal fiction. Auler is right on the mark!"

          —Paul M. Lisnek, Author of Hidden Jury and Other Secret Tactics Lawyers Use to Win, Television and Radio Legal Analyst,

             CNN Headline News, and Comcast Network Political Update


"Bob Auler's writing brings the best of both worlds to the modern reader: attention-grabbing storytelling combined

with real-life courtroom drama. You have no choice, but to be moved by his work."      —Dan Krier, screenwriter and author of Russ Bailey Poker


Fiction - Novel - Mystery      Hardcover     $26.95  -  $2.02 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 193227841-5


Ebook Available On Amazon

The Violin Player

Mayhaven Award for Fiction

John Knoerle


"Walter Sumner is a middle-aged owner of a Chicago trading firm with a problem: he's being stalked.

As he finds his stalker knows more about his family life and their futures than he, Walter finds himself confronting

mysterious web pages which seem to know family members' deaths before they happen.

A riveting, engrossing plot evolves with plenty of tension and strong characterization to hold The Violin Player all together."

          —The Bookwatch


"The Violin Player was fast-paced and suspenseful. John Knoerle captured his characters

in a few words of description and the dialogue. They were memorable...I highly recommend it."  

          —Carol Tessler, President of Chicagoland Sisters in Crime


"John Updike meets Ross MacDonald in this superbly crafted tale of ghostly phantoms

from the family tree, business intrigue and murder most foul."                                                                                     

          —Stephen Smoke, Editor-in-Chief, Mystery Magazine


Novel   -  Mystery        Hardcover     $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 193227801-9


Ebook Available On Amazon



Mayhaven Award for Fiction

Harry Haines


When a forensic accountant from Harvard responds to the murder of his son-in-law,

he finds the mystery does not end there. He is persuaded to research the murky waters of a huge Texas corporation.

The assignment takes him into unknown and unwanted territory.


Mystery -  Novel      Hardcover     $26.95  -  $2.02 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 193227871-2


Ebook Available On Amazon




Mayhaven Award for Fiction

Harry Haines


"In a horrific accident twenty miles west of Amarillo, Texas, veterinarian James Robert Masterson

steps out into the night to find the sole survivor is a very young colt. Masterson agrees to take him home

to his ranch in Bushland, Texas. He and his wife tend Orphan, never dreaming he will play a significant role

in their daughter's life and in theirs. Orphan blends tensely-paced suspense with poignant emotion.

Haines' smooth, clear writing draws you completely into the story." 

          —Jennifer Archer, author of Sandwiched and the Me I Used to Be


"Just when you're wondering if there's a good new mystery to read, along comes Harry Haines,

a fresh talent with his fine new page-turner, Orphan. Once you start it, you won't put it down."

          —William Martin, New York Times best-selling author of Back Bay, Annapolis, and The Lost Constitution


"Harry Haines writes heart-warming suspense in the polished voice of a pro who has mastered his craft.

An award-winning novelist at his best."       

          —Jodi Thomas, New York Times best-selling author of The Widows of Wichita County and Twisted Creek


Fiction  - Novel   -  Mystery         Hardcover     $26.95  -  $2.02 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 193227856-9


Ebook Available On Amazon

Texas Panic

Harry Haines


A cow slips and goes down in a feed yard in Sagebrush, Texas, a tiny rural community sixty-five miles north

of Amarillo. Considering that there are thirty-five million cattle in the Texas Panhandle, one downer would

hardly seem newsworthy, but two factors escalate the event into a national panic and potential death knell

for the cattle industry: the world's largest feed yard happens to be located nearby, and a tourist with

a home video camera films the hapless animal and takes the tape to a local TV station.

Within forty-eight hours BSE becomes the lead story on all networks.

Hysteria grips the nation. Texas cattle become worthless. Billions are at stake.


"Congratulations on Texas Panic. I picked it up not knowing what to expect, and it kept me on the edge of

my chair — it was super great. And I'll steal Ronald Reagan's quote about The Hunt for Red October:

'It was a darn good yarn. Write more novels.' "   

          —Stanley Marsh 3rd


"Brilliantly evokes the tormented inner life of the cattle business. Texas Panic! is not only an exciting thriller,

but also a remarkable moving and human story."  

          —Charles Ball, former Executive Vice-President, Texas Cattle Feeders Association


"Texas Panic!, Harry Haines' new thriller, is entertaining and engrossing from the first page to the last,

a wild ride through Texas and a possible Mad Cow Disease outbreak. And an unlikely family-man hero,

Jim Bob Masterson is a terrific companion to ride with."

          —John Lescroart, New York Times, best-selling author of A Plague of Secrets


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Mystery      Hardcover     $26.95  -  $2.02 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 193227860-6


Ebook Available On Amazon

Cover-Up at Ann Arbor

Harry Haines


A tale about death and deceit and the cars we drive. 


The Connie had a problem—it killed people. One of the people it killed was David Briggs’s father.

The Conquistador, or “Connie” as it became known throughout the world, was a big, beautiful, top-heavy SUV

built by Detroit’s largest motor company, World Motors Limited, called WML. Dave, a doctoral student

at the University of Michigan, discovers that WML knew their car was unsafe but they built it anyway.

When Dave plans to expose the cover-up, he finds his major professor dead under suspicious circumstances.

Dave struggles against the powerful auto industry as the fight spreads to involve the university and his educational future.


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Mystery      Hardcover     $26.95  -  $2.02 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 098345370-3


Ebook Available On Amazon


Harry Haines


When the world's largest oil company and powerful California politicians want to change the laws

that govern offshore drilling, billions are at stake.


"Harry Haines has done it again with his fifth novel, Offshore. The story opens with a Greenpeace demonstration

at UC-Berkley, one of the most likely settings for such a rally. The event turns violent, and a professor who organized it

is left dead under “unusual” circumstances. His widow...finds herself drawn into a mire of political corruption,

a high-dollar tangle for legislation that would reverse a decades-old ban on offshore drilling.

So much money is at stake that lives become insignificant to those who look to profit.

Underlying the carefully layered plot is JoAnne’s career as a violist and teacher. Her music has been the one constant in her life,

and through the death that comes to surround her, she finds solace in her music and her students.

The viola brings her the closure that she needs.

I found Offshore, like Haines’s earlier books to be extremely entertaining, another page-turner...

Offshore is a masterful tale of intrigue, romance, murder, and corruption.  I highly recommend it."

          —James Barrington, Editor, The Canyon News


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Mystery      Hardcover     $26.95  -  $2.02 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H       ISBN 978 098345371-0


Ebook Available On Amazon

Puppet Politics

Harry Haines


In the rich Permian Basin near Midland, Texas, the story starts with an oil well fire. 

This fire makes headlines because a state senator, who happened to be visiting the rig, is killed. 

Enter Sam Davis, a young Midland attorney who has no interest in law making, in oil investments,

and, especially, in the social implications of Texas politics.  But private jets,

a new role for his law firm, and the promise of “doing good” for his constituents,

lure Sam into the Texas political scene. He becomes “the senator from West Texas."

Sam finds that the subtleties in Texas Politics are not readily apparent.  And as each day passes,

and he works his way into the legislative process, the hidden details of political deception emerge and take control. 

Billions are at stake, murder is common, and Sam Davis finds himself and his family helplessly entailed

—a puppet with strings pulled by the powerful, Texas oil lobby.


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Mystery      Hardcover     $26.95  -  $2.02 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 098345373-4


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Countdown at College Station

Harry Haines


The unthinkable looms—terrorists about to use nuclear weapons on American cities.

The story opens on September 10, 2001 when Dr. Kendall Evans, Texas A&M professor of nuclear engineering, travels to New York City to receive the $100,000 “Hearndon Award for Nuclear Safety” at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. The next morning—the infamous September 11—Ken approves, over the objections of his wife, a trip for his two teenage daughters to visit the World Trade Towers. The girls are killed. Ken’s wife blames him. They return to College Station with shattered lives and an embittered marriage. 


Barbara Beafatah, an Arab student attending Texas A&M University, hates Americans. And in the male-dominated world of Arab terrorists, she struggles to find a way to participate in al Qaeda activities. Immediately after the destruction of the World Trade Towers, B.B. develops a plan where she can play a major role in threatening American cities. 


Vernon Nelson, the CIA’s head of anti-terrorist activities, leads America’s response to the September 11 disaster. This third segment starts small but builds throughout the novel.


Ken’s wife divorces him and he is overcome by clinical depression. B.B. leads her small group of terrorists in their hunt for nuclear weapons. The CIA fights terrorism, always a step behind.

Gradually, the three separate venues combine as the story progresses to a single scene and the hunt for a ticking 100-megaton nuclear weapon.


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Mystery      Hardcover    $26.95  -  $2.02 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 1939695772


Sitka's Mirror: A Journey to World War II

Rebecca Melland-Kuo


A crossover book for young people and adults.


Growing up in rural North Dakota during the 1940's,

nineteen-year-old Clarence Melland strikes out on his own,

leaving behind his domineering mother and an economy still suffering from the Great Depression.

Seeking employment, he travels to Sitka, in the rugged Alaskan Territory,

where he discovers the boy he's been must become a man

ready to face an uncertain hostile world.


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Mystery      Softcover     $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H     ISBN 978 1939695048


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Out of the Ashes

Roger McKnight


His life began simply enough, in the cold winters of the midwestern plains, and she, for a brief time, was part of it.

But life took him away. And when she became out of reach,

he admired others, was comfortable in their presence and their arms, but he hadn't forgotten her.

He married up, if you count education, adventure, beauty,

and other practical, social, and political adventages. So he was not unhappy.

But he hadn't forgotten her.


Fiction  -  Novel     Softcover     $24.95  -  $1.87 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H      ISBN 978 1939695062


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A Broken Reed

Mayhaven Award for Fiction

Ron Miller


Based on actual events. A novel of suspense set in the mountains of Alabama during the 1950's.


"...fourteen year old Ollie's world is turned upside down when a horrifying crime is committed...

Set in the 1950's rural south, Miller's work neatly fits into the categories of both the...

coming of age genre and the mystery-suspense novel. Blending southern culture with history

and a love of cars makes A Broken Reed a determinedly male work suitable for all ages."      

          —Pam Kingsbury, Southern Scribe Reviews


"...a must-read for those fascinated by the southern literary a small town in the late 1950s.

Miller weaves a fascinating tapestry of characters, both good and evil, strong and weak, simple and fascinatingly complex.

His ear for dialect and sensitivity to descriptive writing elevate many of his passages to poetry.

Readers will find themselves enmeshed in a rich world of memories, some startlingly realistic, some painfully graphic,

some mythic in their dream-like qualities. A Broken Reed is a novel...not easily categorized, but rather to be savored."                  

          —Louise Edwards Sowa, instructor of English, Jacksonville State University


"A scintillating tale of...loss of innocence and initiation into the horrors of evil...Skillfully combining a broad knowledge of literary classics,

automobiles, Southern culture and the human psyche, Miller weaves a compelling story of murder, intrigue and mystery."

          —Harry Eugene Rose


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Mystery/Suspense      Softcover     $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 187804490-7


*See also: Jamback Road, Miller's newest mystery/suspense novel, again based, remarkably, on fact. You will recognize some of the characters.


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Jamback Road

Sequel to A Broken Reed

Ron Miller


This provocative novel, set in the 1950s rural South, follows young Ollie Holmes as he deals with a rich,

malicious peer; his obsession with cars, drag races, girls and even nature itself, all while trying to uncover

the truth behind the Snow Girl's death.


In both Jamback Road and A Broken Reed the author establishes vivid scenes and characters.


Fiction  -  Novel  -  Mystery/Suspense      Softcover     $17.95  -  $1.35 IL Tax  -  $6.00 S&H        ISBN 978 1939695017


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