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Alford, Audrey Waggoner Cole (IL/TN)

     Audrey Waggoner Cole Alford is probably best known for co-authoring Ten Sisters: A True Story and Ten Little Sisters, but she authored and published a book on her growing family, and a cookbook based on family recipes. She is also featured in the PBS documentaries on the Ten Sisters, one of which won a Gracie Allen Award in 2004. The story of the ten sisters was also featured in Family Circle Magazine, and three newspaper writers have won awards for journalism for articles about the ten sisters. Ten Sisters: A True Story is also available as an audio book, and from PBS, a DVD of the documentary.


Allen, Irma Waggoner Swierk (AR/IL)
     Irma Waggoner Swierk Allen has always liked to write, and was pleased when a local newspaper published her "Christmas Story," long before she co-authored Ten Sisters: A True Story, and Ten Little Sisters. She spent much of her childhood at the Cunningham Home (at that time an orphanage) in Urbana, Illinois. See Alford for further information.


Amis, Fedora (MO)

      Writing under a pen name, the author will send a chill down your spine with Jack the Ripper in St. Louis: A Victorian Whodunit. The author has published several books, and often speaks on a number of subjects, including writing, and victorian history. She is also a teacher and a persistent traveler.


Ariel, Roberta Pauline Waggoner (AR/IL/MI)

     Pauline "Bertie" Ariel co-authored Ten Sisters: A True Story and Ten Little Sisters. After the breakup of her family, she spent several years at the Cunningham Home. Among the sisters she is thought of as the "smart one," as she was double-promoted twice in grade school. Her adult years were spent in Chicago, where she supervised a department at the First National Bank. See Alford for further information.

Arnold, Marilyn (UT/WI)

     Marilyn Arnold first won Mayhaven's Award for Fiction for Minding Mama (now in its second printing). And Mayhaven has published Perfecting Amiable; Unidentified Lying Objects; Yes, Mama, the award-winning Bittersweet: A Daughter's Memoir; and her recent nonfiction work Oops! Confessions of a Klutz. An emeritus professor of English, Arnold's publications since "retirement" also include an extensive commentary on a major sacred text, an anthology of writings on charity, and numerous essays and chapters for books. She has also edited a major encyclopedia of allusions in Willa Cather's fiction and co-edited a collection of women's poetry on war and peace. Arnold, who holds a Ph.D in American literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, has published or edited several books and many dozens of articles on Cather and other American writers. She has also edited a literary journal, served on editorial boards for academic journals, and lectured at numerous national literature conferences and seminars. She continues her scholarly work through the Women's Research Institute at BYU. In 2003, she received a "Woman of Achievement" award from the Utah Governor's office.


Asner, Edward "Ed" (KS/IL/NY/CA)
     Edward "Ed" Asner has appeared many times on stage, and in film and television, earning seven Golden Globe Awards, more than 100 TV credits, has lent his voice to The Simpsons, Spiderman, and The Justice League, and was featured in the European production of Giovanni XXIII, the highest rated television mini-series in the history of Italian TV. Asner was inducted into the TV Academy Hall of Fame in 1996, and received the Ralph Morgan Award from the Screen Actors Guild, and was honored by The Guild as the 38th recipient of the prestigious Life Achievement Award for his career and humanitarian accomplishment. Asner has consistently committed himself to human rights and political freedom. He is a frequent speaker on labor issues and a particular ally for the acting industry's older artists. Some of the many honors he has received throughout his career include the Anne Frank Human Rights Award, The Eugene Debs Award, Organized Labor Publications Humanitarian Award, American Civil Liberties Union's Worker's Right's Committee Award and the National Emergency Civil Liberties Award. Asner calls Misuse of Power a primer for those wanting to better understand the path America has taken. The book is co-authored with retired government analyst, Burt Hall.


Au, Steven T. (China/PA/CA)
     A resident of California, Steven T. Au has spent his life as a respected engineer and professor. He was born in Hong Kong and came to the United States shortly after World War II. He has developed a broad interest in both Chinese and American cultures and studies literature as a hobby. He has been published many times. Engineering students will recognize the classic work Fundamentals of Structural Analysis (Prentice Hall). For his first historic novel, he chose to write Beijing Odyssey, based on a colorful and influential figure in Chinese history, Liang Shiyi, a Mandarin leader in China's transition from Monarchy to Republic. The background for the novel was carefully researched to depict the cultural and political background of China from the late 1870s to the 1930s.


Barber, Vera Waggoner Ariel (IL/England/Japan/AK)
     Vera Barber, co-authored Ten Sisters: A True Story and Ten Little Sisters. She grew up in her grandparents' home in central Illinois, and has spent much of her life living in England, Japan, and Alaska. See Alford for additional information.

Bennett, Donna I. (MI/IL/WI)
     Donna I. Bennett wrote Jessica's Bear, a book for young children (illustrated by Jane Dippold) after a lifetime of teaching. The story reflects her understanding of the beautiful differences in children.  She is also the author of Elementary Field Experience, a handbook for student and beginning teachers. She and husband Jack have a summer cottage on Lake Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


Bennett, Paul (OH/ME)

     Paul Bennett served in the U. S. N. R. from 1942-1945; taught at Samuel Adams School for Social Studies, Boston; was a teaching assistant at Harvard; taught English at the University of Maine; and was Poet-in-Residence at Denison University. He retired in 1986 as a Lorena Woodrow Burke Professor of English. He authored three works of fiction, four collections of poetry, and was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. He has contributed to: New York Times Magazine, Journal of American Folklore, Agni, Association of American Colleges Bulletin, Loon, Remington Review, Centennial Review, Crecourt Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, The Nation, College English, Georgia Review, Ohio Journal, The Gamut, American and others. He also wrote a number of film scripts. He received many honors including Ohio Universities Significant Achievement Award for writing and his teaching. He is listed in Contemporary Authors, Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers, and Who's Who in Poetry, and others. Tale of a Waggish Dog is a collection of delightful and moving short stories based on Bennett's real-life dog, Max.


Brniak, Rhita Jean Waggoner (IL)
     Rhita "Bertie" Waggoner Brniak co-authored Ten Sisters: A True Story and Ten Little Sisters. She has lived most of her life with her family in Chicago or the surrounding area, where she worked as a secretary. See Alford for additional information.


Bugbee - Atkins, M. Howe (IN/KY/FL)
     Margaret Howe Bugbee won the Mayhaven Award for Children's Fiction for Beyond the Road, a gripping mystery for older children and young adults. She has also won First Place in the Children's and Young Adult Category and the 2006 Royal Palm Literary Award for Best Book in all Categories. She has published articles for journals and newspapers, and has written state-wide educational curriculum for Indiana and Kentucky, has taught in middle schools, high school, and college. Margaret was the founder and first president of Florida Sisters in Crime and is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and the Romance Writers of America. She earned a doctoral degree in education from the University of Louisville and is presently working on a Ph.D. in Para psychic Science. For more on Bugbee, visit her terrific website


Carrier, Warren (OH/IN/WI/IA/TX/D.C.)
     A prolific writer, a prize-winning poet, Carrier published more than a dozen books, including four novels, and worked as a translator and editor. He founded and was original editor for The Quarterly Review of Literature, taught at the famous Iowa Writers Group, and is a former university chancellor. He published two mystery/suspense novels with Mayhaven: Murder at the Strawberry Festival and An Honorable Spy, both in limited supply. 


Carson, A.D. (IL/SC)

    A.D. Carson is a multi-talented author, performer and educator. A winner of many awards, he is currently working on a Doctorate in his chosen field. He authored both COLD and The City for Mayhaven and has written other books, and published several CDs (also available as downloads). His performances of poetry, prose and hip-hop music is riveting. 


Changnon, Stanley A. (IL)

     Stanley Changnon has authored several scientific books, and combined his skills as a scientist and his passion for the railroad. America's Rural Hub, published by Mayhaven, was the first of his three railroad books. He graduated from the University of Illinois and stayed on as Chief of the Illinois State Water Survey. Changnon was one of the researchers on the team of scientists that assisted Al Gore with his Nobel Prize Winning work on Global Warming.

Chism, John (VA/Canada)

     John Chism works in Canadian Television. He co-authored Are We Hungry Yet? with equally elusive Canadian Leonard Wise. This book has lots of information, and plenty of chuckles, and might even lead you to a favorite place to plop down for a good meal while traveling from Canada to Florida.

Clark, Nan (NY)

     Nan Clark had her college students in mind when she wrote The World's Greatest StarTrek Quiz, now a collector's item that, because of publishing restrictions, will not be reprinted. A college instructor, she was an avid StarTrek fan. She lives and teaches in the Bronx, New York. She has also co-authored a book on cats.

Clark, William Lewis (IL/AZ)
     William Lewis Clark is an accomplished writer of poetry and prose. Two of his poems were included in the first issue of the University of Chicago's The Awakenings Review. Gardens of the Streets is his first published work and draws on his experience as a counselor of those in crises. He is currently working on a novel and another collection of poems.


Clem, Margaret Hollingsworth (IN/FL)
     Mayhaven has published three of Margaret Clem's titles. Two illustrated children's books: Elbert Ein Swine, Genius Pig and Elbert Ein Swine Learns Line Dancing. The third, Little Candles, is a book of poems and short stories. Clem has lived her entire life in Indiana, attending Indiana State University. She spent a life in retail sales before turning her hand to fiction. 


Collins, Donna Rhodes (MO)

     Donna Rhodes Collins never planned to write a book until she observed the devastating effects of Kawasaki's Disease on her grandson. After his very early death, she wrote On the Wings of Love: Michael's Story. This is the only known book for lay people on the subject of Kawasaki's. Collins was praised by the discoveror of Kawasaki's Disease, Dr. Kawasaki, in Chicago, where he was honored for his work. The author now receives letters from across the United States and from other countries from those who have read her important book.


Combe, Kirk (ID/NC/VT/OH/England/Switzerland/Germany)

     A Professor of English at Denison University, a former professional basketball player (Switzerland and Germany), and a D.Phil. in English Literature from Oxford, Combe's eclectic life led him to writing. He has authored several academic books and articles, including A Martyr for Sin: Rochester's Critique of Polity, Sexuality, and Society (University of Delaware Press), and Theorizing Satire: Essays in Literary Criticism (St. Martin's Press). He has also published works of fiction and poetry in literary journals. 2084 is his first science fiction novel. And we are happy to say that one chapter has been made into a film—The Feed.  The cover art for 2084 was created by the author's son, Clayton Combe, an artist and film maker.


Cox, Judith (IL)

    At fourteen, Judith Cox contracted a severe case of polio, and during the years of rehabilitation she enjoyed drawing and writing stories for children. When she retired from 35 years in the medical field as an accredited health information manager, she returned to art and writing. She published a number of articles, essays and poems. The Wellness Tree and The Wellness Tree Activity Book (illustrated by Denny Rogers) are meant to be shared with sick children and their caregivers. A personal note: as a child, the publisher visited Judy when she was still in an "iron lung."


Cramer, John E. (AR/IL/HI)

     No Man's A Mountain and Seven Rode Together are Mayhaven's only Western titles, both written by John E. Cramer. He served in WWII, worked in radio, and was News Director for WILL-AM radio at the University of Illinois. After twenty years, he returned to Arkansas and taught radio and TV News.


Day, John "Jack" (England/Canada/IL)

     John Day wrote 95 Years With John "Jack" Day, based on his years at the famous Barnardo's Orphanage in London. At the age of ten, he was sent across the North Atlantic to Canada to work on a farm. He eventually made his way to Illinois, where he frequently wrote letters to the editor in various local and regional publications. His very candid biography includes his estrangement from his only son, his reaction to his first wife's love affair, to the Great Depression, to his own love affair, and to a second marriage. An active, competent, and graceful man until his last days, Day left a truly honest legacy of the life of an ordinary man.


DeMitchell, Terri (CA/NH)

     Terri DeMitchell won Mayhaven's Award for Children's Fiction with You Will Come Back, and followed up with a second book, Jigsaw, both with Jigsaw, both suspenseful mysteries, set on the rocky coast of New England. The author is both an attorney and a teacher. Recently she wrote The Portsmouth Alarm, a historical novel for children, based on the real-life events preceding the Revolutionary War. These titles are suggested reading in several schools. See Kirkus Reviews  for Portsmouth Alarm.


Eastman, Richard Morse (IL/MA)

     Richard Morse Eastman, author of Tangled Tassels: Tales of Academe, attended Yale University Drama School, and earned a M.A. and PhD. at the University of Chicago. He variously served North Central College as professor and chair of English, academic dean and chair of general studies. Since becoming professor emeritus, Eastman has written books and newspaper columns. A musician, he composed for it. He received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from North Central College. He has co-authored Literature and Gerontology: A Guide to Research; Style: Writing and Reading as the Discovery of Outlook, and A Guide to the Novel. He has contributed many articles to various publications including: Encyclopedia of Gerontology, The Loyola Psychiatric ForumEnglish Journal, and Modern Drama. He was an early mentor to the publisher.


F., Marty (NY/PA/FL)

     Marty F. has spent most of his life in advertising, twice winning the coveted Clio Award. The Art of Recovery is an accumulation of his observations and experiences in the 12 Step Program through essays and his excellent illustrations. 


Farris, Pamela (pen name: P.J. Farris) (AZ/IL)    

     Farris has been a successful writer of educational books and books for young adults. Mayhaven published Crossover Dribble, a novel about an Illinoisan who loves basketball, and a nonfiction book, Presidents From the Prairie State: Lincoln, Grant, Reagan and Obama, biographies of four men from modest means who became presidents of the United States. The author has won numerous awards for her teaching and writing. 


Ferguson, Phyllis Waggoner (IL)

     As one of the ten sisters, Phyllis Ferguson co-authored Ten Sisters: A True Story and Ten Little Sisters. The only other writing she attempted was a personal journal. However, she wrote several unpublished songs and often presented her religious views through her church. Much of her life was lived in central Illinois where she was a foster parent to numerous children.  See Alford for additional information.


Finnell, Loren

     Loren Finnel, author of Still a Country Boy After Embracing the World, is the President, CEO, and Founder of The Resource Foundation, which currently channels $10.0 million a year to programs in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is a humanitarian, a pioneer, and a social entrepreneur with 51 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations worldwide. For his dedication and hardwork, Dr. Finnell has recieved numerous honors, including one in 2006 when The National Peace Corps Association selected him to receive the Sargent Shriver Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Service at a ceremony held in the historic Senate Caucus Room on Capitol Hill, where both John and Robert Kennedy announced their candidacies for Presidency. Finnell's international career began as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador during 1964-66.


Fluharty, Jeff (CA/MO/NJ)

      Jeff Fluharty co-authored I Can't Talk Now, I'm Busy Writing Nothing which won Mayhaven's Award for Children's Fiction. Originally from California, Jeff pulled ideas for the book from his childhood and from experiences as an elementary school teacher. Jeff holds a B.A. in Diversified Liberal Arts from the University of San Diego, and a Masters of Education from Rutgers University.


Forward, Naomi (Canada/Laos/Ecuador/Malaysia/Singapore)

     An avid animal lover, Naomi Forward was born in Laos, and grew up in Ecuador, Malaysia, and Singapore, where she was able to experience a variety of exotic creatures, from flying lizards to the Slow Loris. After moving to Canada, and with the encouragement of her art instructor, she started her own business doing portraits of people’s pets. She also co-owned and managed a Morgan stud farm. Naomi now resides in the beautiful Lakes District of British Columbia with her beloved animals. Her children's book Mew the New Muse displays her love and knowledge of animals, as well as her artistic skills.


Fouliard, Paul E. (Canada/China/IL/AZ/NH/Afganistan/Iraq/Iran/Viet Nam/France)

     Paul Fouliard's parents were French, and because of their work, he lived in Hong Kong and traveled widely throughout the United States and Canada. He dropped out of high school and joined the U. S. Marine Corps, serving in Viet Nam. Later, he worked for Bell Helicopter International in Iran, which allowed him to travel in Afghanistan and Iraq. After returning to America, he wrote articles for a number of magazines and then moved to La Roche Sur Yon, Vende, France to write Waltz With the Devil


Francis, Chris (Illustrator - The Penny's Adventure)

     Chris Francis is a reviewer for The American Library Associaion, but he took off a little time to create illustratons for Mary Well's children's book. He has also adapted many of Mayhaven's books to Ebooks, and when not working, he likes folk dancing.


Freedman, Adam (IL/England/South America/NY)

     Freedman won Mayhaven's Award for Fiction with Elated By Details. He was the editor and columnist for the Buenos Aires Herald, has written for Newsweek InternationalSlateThe Guardian WeeklyThe Weekly TelegraphNational Review, and United Press International. Commenting on Freedman's travel writing, Fareed Zakaria said: "Freedman has a novelist's eye and comedy writer's pace." Rob Long, sitcom producer, described Freedman's Argentina dispatches as "beyond funny." Freedman's short fiction has also been recognized in a number of competitions. He is a regular columnist for the New York Law Journal, is a contributor to,, Corporate Counsel, and NY Freedman has degrees from Yale and Oxford. His Party of the First Part (Holt & Co.) was praised by the late William Safire in the New York Times.


Gomez, Terrine (Spain/India/France/England/NY/IL)

     The author is an accomplished musician. Born in India, their family loved dogs, even stray dogs. Gomez's life took her around the world to study and to teach stringed instruments. She studied with world-class musicians. And later, when she moved to the midwest to study at the University of Illinois, she began to gather little dogs around her. In all, she has had five. Well behaved, and wonderful companions (and favorites with her students), Gomez has written about her experiences with them. Dogs of a Superior Nature is a lovely book for all ages with lots of photos.


Groteboer, Jeffrey (MN/IL/IA/Austria/CA)

     Jeffrey Groteboer had many sci-fi and technical articles published over the years, and his first book, Edge of Infinity, a time-travel sci-fi, was published by Mayhaven. Reared in Illinois and Minnesota, he was a graduate of Central College in Pella, Iowa. He was fluent in several languages, and spent several years as a captain in the United States Navy. After a heart transplant at the age of 34, he worked in the computer gaming industry and also returned to writing, translation and publishing.


Guillory, Dan (LA/IL)

    Guillory spent 25 years as a reviewer for The Library Journal and has won numerous awards for poetry and prose. We are delighted that he has published three books for Mayhaven, all very favorably reviewed: The Lincoln Poems (poems, history and photos), People and Places in the Land of Lincoln (a guide to Lincoln sites), and HousePoems (poems, history, photos), with perhaps the most appreciated cover to date, a watercolor by Leslie Guillory, the author's wife. All three are also available as audio books. See Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry-Short Story Catalogs.


Hannah, Yvonne "Bonnie" (IL)

     Bonnie Hannah was Mayhaven's first author. She wrote Computers! We'll Assume You Know Nothing based on the family's trucking company and their experience going "On Line." The book predated the "Dummy" series and was written, as one reviewer said, "in English, not DOS." Simple cartoons (Cullen Porter) helped clarify specific information in this valuable book. A second edition followed. Though the technology has changed, this little book still offers important guidance for small businesses.


Hall, Burt (KY/VA/FL)

     Burt Hall co-authored Misuse of Power with actor/activist Edward Asner. Hall was formerly Group Director (analyst) for the U.S. Government Accountability Office, and spent over 30 years analyzing the Department of Defense and their contractors, and was instrumental in creating the Truth in Negotiations Acts. For several years he was on loan to the Congressional Commission on Government Procurement and to the Office of Federal Procurement Policy of OMB. During his career with GAO, he wrote several prize-winning articles, and competed in many major bridge tournaments. He co-authored How the Experts Win at Bridge., which won "Book of the Year". He also has authored a number of articles—three with Ed Asner on 9/11, terrorism policy and the war in Iraq.


Harris, Demetra (IL)

 When Demetra Harris first wrote a short story for an event at the Rantoul Library, she had no idea it would lead to her first novel. This provocative modern romance between Hershy and Roseanne acquaints you with characters you will sometimes love and sometimes—well, you get the picture.       


Hart, Deloris Waggoner (NY/IL)    

     Deloris "DoDo" Hart co-authored Ten Sisters: A True Story and Ten Little Sisters. Until she wrote her chapter, Hart had only written letters and had never given a public speech. But she spoke over 150 times about her experience as one of the ten sisters. See Alford for additional information.


Hasling, John Jack "Grandpa" (CA)    

     Jack "Grandpa" Hasling is a native Californian. He wrote The Little Rock & Other Stories for his grandchildren and other children. After serving in the U.S. Army Airborne, he earned both a B.A. and an M.A. from Sacramento State University, and spent several years in radio and is retired from teaching. The Little Rock & Other Stories is also an audio book, available from the author.​


Hickmott, Mary Margaret Waggoner (IL/AK/IN/MI)
     Mary Margaret "Margy" Hickmott co-authored both Ten Sisters: A True Story and Ten Little Sisters. She spent much of her life working in factories and farms in Illinois, Arkansas, Indiana, and Michigan. Writing came late in her life, as did public speaking, but she managed them both with grace. See Alford for additional information.


Huisinga, Roger (IL/CA/TN)

     I Don't Know Jack: Poems in Search of Reason was Huisinga's first book of poems. Forty Acres of Thought: Poems From Around the Bend is another collection of his poems. A farmer poet, he was raised in central Illinois, graduated from the University of Illinois in Agricultural Economics. Both books are available as audio books, read by the author. He still operates 360 acres of grain farm in Piatt County. 


Joy, Judith Bourassa Joy, (NH)

     The author won Mayhaven's Award for Children's Fiction with her first manuscript. The prize was publication and A Doorway Through Space, a sci-fi book for older children and young adults proved to have lasting qualities. A Doorway Through Time followed, and both will be available as Ebooks in the spring of 2015, along with an audio book of A Doorway Through Space


King, Frank (IA/AZ)
     Frank King wrote and illustrated Tee Tee Peetum when he was in his nineties. King spent a lifetime as a graphic artist. He lived much of life in Iowa and in Arizona. He was particularly pleased that his nephew is a member of Jay Leno's Tonight Show band. Tee Tee Peetum is based on an actual Native American child who lived part of the year on King's grandparent's farm.

Knoerle, John (OH/CA/IL)    

     John Knoerle (the K is silent) won Mayhaven's Award for Fiction with The Violin Player, a novel of chilling suspense. He also wrote Crystal Meth Cowboys. He has written for radio, film and advertising, and at one time tried his hand at stand-up comedy. This bizarre novel, inspired by the study of genealogy, is a winner.



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