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The Prairie: Then & Now

Dan Guillory

The first Caucasian visitors to the Prairie beheld a pristine landform where big blue stem grew to a height of ten feet, where prairie flowers bloomed in profusion. Beginning with vivid portraits of these pioneers, author Dan Guillory moves the reader into contemporary life with portraits of young lovers, farmers, Army veterans, and ordinary husbands and wives.

In language that is inventive, sometimes edgy, and always imaginative, he makes the Prairie and its people resonate with life.

Tia and the Secret of the Guardian

Valerie Huffman-Osborn

While taking refuge in a storm cellar, a family takes a trip back in time through the stories their mother tells—to a time when she became stranded in a forest, lost, with only her dog and the help of a mysterious man, who not only holds ties to her past but also her future. She is taken on a journey to find the answers to many questions and to uncover a secret that has been kept from her.

Just One Bean

Jeff Krehbiel and Helen Krehbiel

Starla is a finicky eater. She certainly has no interest in trying pinto beans! But when her brother comes up with a clever idea to teach her about nutrition, she may discover she likes trying new foods after all.

The Game

The Way We Were to the Way We Are

  Michael J. Woods

Michael J. Woods presents in this important book, an uninhibited look at sports in America from the 1950's to the present, drawing from his own successful experience as a winning player, a respected coach, social studies teacher, and writer, reflecting on his community and his country —he is an outspoken critic of the monetary aspect of modern day sports.

Nana's Family & Friends: Generations of Cooking

Valerie Huffman-Osborn

There is a delicious recipe for everyone in this mouth-watering collection of American and cultural dishes.

Lovely illustrations by artist Michael Osborn lead you through the various categories, featuring traditional and modern cooking.

Poems from the Garage

 Marilyn Arnold

You may already be familiar with Marilyn Arnold's prolific list of fiction and nonfiction books. You will find favorites among them, including the award-winning Minding Mama (now in second edition). Her most recent publication for Mayhaven, Poems from the Garage is an array of forgotten writings set aside years ago in an old bag in the author's garage. Most of these poems were written in fleeting moments while on short escapes into the natural world of mountains and desert where the author is most comfortable. These poems are imposing.

Mew the New Muse

 Written and Illustrated by Naomi Forward

In this unusual children's book, a timid dog finds an adventurous new friend, a cat, who leads the cringing playmate on an unforgettable adventure. Author and illustrator Naomi Forward lives on a ranch in Canada where she is inspired by her many animals.

A portion of this book's sales are donated to organizations who train those real animal heroes that assist the blind, deaf and physically disabled to achieve independence.

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Big Blue Mountain's Road to Revival


Music and Lyrics by Cullen Porter
*"Hard Times Come Again No More" - arranged by Big Blue Mountain

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